Case Study

Facfox Case Study

Campaign Overview

The client, FacFox, is a manufacturing company headquartered in Hangzhou, China. They offer manufacturing services to professionals, creative designers and customers utilizing the latest technologies for prompt production and doorstep delivery.

They approached Black Marlin Technologies to expand their business and increase their client base. Despite having a website, FacFox could not rank well in the search engines. It resulted in a significant setback because the company primarily focuses on online services. After facing many hurdles, they contacted us to help them acquire a competitive digital space.


When the digital marketing team at Black Marlin Technologies conducted a meticulous assessment of their website, they found it was not technically fully optimized. As a result, the page loading speed was too slow, and it exponentially affected the crawling and indexing of the pages. They were failing to rank in the top-rated search, declining online visibility.

For us, the primary challenge was to fix the site architecture. We worked on sitemap, duplicate content, URL structure, and canonical tags. Secondly, we discovered that the FacFox website did not have resourceful backlinks. Since link-building plays a crucial role in search engine rankings, it was indeed important we focus on getting high-quality backlinks. This was again a critical provocation. But, with a passionate and dedicated team of digital experts, it was only a matter of time before we witnessed measurable results.


To ensure a long-term profitable result for FacFox, the following are the strategies we executed:

  • Website Audit- Before performing any action, it was necessary to get a detailed insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s website. We could identify the keyword rankings, content structure, website design, website speed, conversion rate, and competition. It helped us to plan the campaign strategy that will work best for the site.  
  • Technical SEO- We discovered that the website design was not mobile-friendly, and its page speed was slow, too. As a result, there was maximum bounce rate. Our experts optimized the website structure, like URL optimization, fixing broken links, removing duplicate content, submitting site maps, and implementing structured data. It relatively increased the page speed and user experience. The website was also optimized for mobile devices and tablets.
  • Off-Page SEO- To acquire resourceful backlinks, we focussed on Google My Business profile optimization, local citations, and online directories. Alongside, our team created high-quality content for guest posts, articles and social media campaigns, which significantly improved the site’s ranking and earned organic traffic.

The Result

Google Analytics Report

Google Webmaster Tool Report

Google Rankings Report

Case Study

300% of Enhanced Organic Traffic to the Site

Project Overview:

One of the leading home furnishing brands in Barbados named Gajah Home had created a new furniture website and wanted to start a digital marketing campaign that would help them to establish themselves as the best in the industry. When they came to Black Marlin Technologies, their primary motive was to make customers find their website and help them to shop online.

Before us, the website had suffered from the architectural challenges that are handicapping their online growth. We have accepted the challenges that need to be immediately addressed before more damages are done to the website.

Our Strategies and Implementation:

We have implemented the below methods and strategies for proper Optimization of the website of Gajah Home.

● Competitor research and Analysis

We, at Black Marlin Technologies, took out the lists of the direct competitors of Gajah Home. This is a very significant step in creating a fruitful result that has helped the company to remain ahead of their competitors. That is why we analyze the latest top competitors of this well-known furnishing house and how well are they in their SEO efforts. We found out their weaknesses which we avoid during our strategic planning.

● On-Page Optimization

We thoroughly scrutinize every page of the official website of Gajah Home and make a note of every fault in the web pages. We made it easily navigable, engaging, and interesting to read. Our team also included some new exciting media to make it more enjoyable to the visitors. This led to an increase in the time spent by the customers through the on-page optimization services of the Black Marlin Technologies.

● Quality backlink building

The professional team of our company takes care of all the links that lead back to the website and their proper functioning. We have only made a listing of the Gajah Home website to the reputed and authoritative websites. This has resulted in the maintenance and creation of high-quality backlinks like Google Listing for the business.

The Result:

We have achieved 100% rankings on the first page of the search engines that have resulted in 300% of enhanced organic traffic to the website.

Google Analytics Report

Google Webmaster Tool Report

Google Rankings Report

Case Study

Increase Organic Search Traffic To Enhance Affiliate Income (Case Study)

The Opportunity

Black Marlin Technologies content developers deliver meaningful content on that helps visitors to get expected content on click. Due to high competition, it was a big challenge for our editorial team to produce high-quality & sharable content.

The Solution

BMT team followed a simple process to find the keywords with the highest potential. Within one month, they launched new, high-performing content by leveraging rich data about opportunities and threats.

Keywords Research:

First, the team used Google keywords planner to identify 50 competitive keywords that was relevant to

Search Queries:

We used Google webmaster console and extracted all search queries into an excel sheet. SERP visibility was not so good but still, we have some data where we can start to work and achieve some result. We optimized content of the website and made sure excellent work for on page SEO.

Competitive Research

There is huge competition and number of similar website available who is giving the same services so it was not easy for us to select all competitors. We extracted top 3 competitors and analysis those to identify new opportunities for us and like always it helped us.


After having the clear picture of SEO opportunities and work to be done on website. Our team did not wait more and implement all suggestion on the website it includes redesigned the page and adding new content structure, based on the competitive research. We made sure to include CTA (call to action) and add download link at the right place so users can download at the fastest time that they want. In another hand, we built link building strategy to prepare strong reason for a search engine to list this website in search engine.

The Results

After two-month result was in front of us and the results has proved the success of our team approach. The number of downloads after this optimization increased by 71%, with average bounce-rate. More than 15 keywords from 50 were on the first page of Google search engine. For example, uc mini installs, uc mini java and so on.

Organic Traffic
Case Study

L’Abode to Increase 85% of Keywords Ranked on 1st Page

About Client:

L’Abode Accommodation specialises in short-term fully furnished stays for guests looking to holiday or relocate in Sydney. We endeavour to create an authentic Sydney experience where guests can enjoy high end comforts and unique local adventures.

Project Overview:

Before hiring Black Marlin Technologies, L’Abode Accommodation was not able to rank at top position in Google. Due to the high competitive industry they are not getting enough traffic to their website that can generate even a single sale.

The Major thing is L’Abode has 2 sides to their business:

  1. They provide property management to owners who have properties to rent out for short term/holiday/vacation rentals and
  2. They supply guests with accommodation With this different requirement, L’Abode required the right team of digital marketing who can improve the rankings as well boost their Brand Awareness.

Campaign IDEA:

Black Marlin Technologies stepped in immediately and prepared a deep SEO analysis report that included all the On-Page requirements and shared that to the client for approval ( as we do for all the clients) We made too many changes to the website to make it Search Engine friendly that included: Optimisation of Meta Tags, Content Optimisation, Sitemap and robots creation, Page speed optimisation, internal linking optimisation and many more.

Case Study

Increase 200% Calls Rate Through Google Listing

About Client:

Construction Repair NYC provides all type of general contracting services in Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn New York to home and business owners. They specialize in Custom Brick Repairs & Replacement,Masonry, Waterproofing, Roofing projects like All Kind Of Stone & Masonry Work.

Project Overview:

Before hiring Black Marlin Technologies, the website was handled by some one else and no keyword was ranking till the fifth page of SERP. Client wants us to take care of the website and get them up to the first page for their top most keywords. The second requirement was to take care their Google Map Optimization and rank the listing in first 3 spot.

Campaign Idea:

Black Marlin Technologies stepped in immediately and prepared a deep SEO analysis report that included all the On-Page requirements and shared that to the client for approval ( as we do for all the clients) We made too many changes to the website to make it Search Engine friendly that included: Optimization of Meta Tags, Content Optimization, Sitemap and robots creation, Page speed Optimization, internal linking Optimization and many more.


We have achieved 80% rankings on the first page of the search engines that have resulted in 150%of enhanced organic traffic to the website.

Case Study

Olu Olu Foods

Want to make your article rank the topmost search in Google? Well, then you surely need to go through some tips and tricks to get it ranked. This article too has ranked the ace and so here you are, reading this! 

Well, to start with, SEO is always at the top of the list of marketing strategies and is a vital task for any website owner. This is unlikely to change in 2020, but that does not mean that you will rely on your old plans. With time the algorithm of the Search Engines changes. That is why you need to keep your SEO tactics up-to-date from time to time.

For the past years, mobile optimization has become an inevitable mantra for enhancing page rankings and accessibilities. Nobody knows what is there in the future, but it will be a good idea if we can plan our digital marketing strategies for SEO beforehand. 

Now, do you already know the basics of SEO and are looking for advanced tips to stay ahead of your competitors and increase the site traffic? Then would suggest to go through this article as it will assist you to find a tip or two to increase your online presence, creating brand awareness and closing more leads.

Case Study

Dealsshutter to Increases Organic Traffic by 300% in 4 Months

Black Marlin Technologies set a professional SEO team who initially used Google keywords planner to choose targeted keywords and design an effective content development strategy.


Founded in March 2017, Dealsshutter is a deal and coupon portal with the goal to provide latest available offers. There were many websites were already available to provide coupons and deals and it was a challenge for our team to take this new venture into the competition and deliver the good amount of organic traffic from search engine.


BMT believes in mapping the right content to the right stage in the customer journey. First, we identify the attractive keyword and opportunities, based on the intent that each keyword represents. Then we developed content for the topics by considering a few factors.

  • The first was what content type is ranking on the top of the SERP? Black Marlin Technologies’s identified major competitors and analysis their practice to achieve online marketing goals. Initially, By following major clients we explore some existing ideas to promote the website in right way.

  • The second factor was what stage of the buyer’s journey on the website? There are multiple actions could be taken by visitors on the website like – reading blogs, finding deals, searching deals on their preferred store. We have taken care to create content in a more informational style, I.e details about “what is…” or “how do I save more money on online shopping?”

  • We also focused on CTA (call-to-action) on each page in terms of coupons, contact page Or create content in terms to guide site visitors towards taking the next action, like “Request Notification,” for those ready to received updated deals on their email id.

To make this content creation process scalable, we used Google analytics, webmaster, SEMrush, Open Site Explorer and organize all things to get better output. Our team also took care to use the power of SEO and content to elevate the business impact from the organic channel.


Indexed organic keywords have increased 20%, while organic traffic to organic traffic increased by 300%