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Retarget users who have shown interest in your products and services is 10 times to better to find a new customer or interested visitors! However, Remarketing is not easy to drive with any newcomer and need an expert to execute for getting expected results. Retargeting technologies work same as a reminder of action that users forget in past. Earlier, it was difficult for us to imagine such kind of advertising technique but technologies have changed everything and made it impossible with remarketing features. Our expert ensures to use these technologies to improve your online marketing objectives.

Google launch remarketing feature in 2010 with a smart way to target people who have recently visited your website using Google AdWords. It simply encourages users to revisit on the website by display their ads at their partner network.

Why Re- Marketing is successful and became a must to do for the paid campaign?

If a user finds your website is useful and clicks at one of your remarketing Ads to return to a website, theyre very expected to communicate with your website. If they didnt plan to communicate, they wouldnt click on your display or search Ads. So a well optimized remarketing campaign can be extremely profitable. Remarketing is popular for:-

Remarketing for Lead Generation:-The Primary aim of online marketing is to capture new leads and remarketing played an important role retarget visitors that didnt convert at the first visit on the website.

Remarketing for E-commerce:-Remarketing ads are primarily focused on e-commerce business. It has become easy to capture interested products of visitors and display them at other partner channels to re-engage visitors on the website.

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Why Black Marlin Technologies for remarketing ads campaign?

Black Marlin Technologies has huge experience in maintaining remarketing ads and run well-optimized campaigns for search and display remarketing ad to deliver best results. We, At Black Marlin Technologies, can target your website traffic using different methods and platforms, including:

  • Search and Display Remarketing ads on Google Adwords
  • Facebook Remarketing using Pixel
  • Conversion Rate Optimization using Advanced Analytics
  • Remarketing using 3rd Party Ad Networks including Adrol, Retargeter etc
  • Social remarketing ads like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads etc

We have successfully delivered remarketing results to our client via search and display campaigns across different industries including e-commerce, real estate, private colleges and institutes, health industry and more.

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