Guaranteed SEO Services

Guaranteed SEO Services

Are you not supposed to trust an SEO firm that guaranteed SEO results? If yes, then hold on. This notion began when Google declared that no SEO service firm could guarantee a specific placement for any keyword since that would express a special relationship with Google which no SEO company has. Unluckily, the SEO industry has used this as an excuse to avoid having to deal with any accountability. At, Black Marlin Technologies, we believe that it is possible to guarantee results as we do it every day. Also, we believe if we call ourselves experts on this, then we must prove it.

Key Reasons to Offer Guaranteed SEO Services:

Black Marlin Technologies is a professional digital marketing company in India and can move your business forward as well as can provide the impetus to increase your online visibility. Blessed with a team of high-tech SEO professionals and experts, our ethical outsourcing SEO services company can beat out the competition, catapult your business site to top search engine positions and drive in targeted traffic. Top ranking SEO services are considered delivered when at least 50% of the keywords land in the top 10 results or at least 60% of the keywords land in top 20 results. SEO Services Group provides a whole range of Search Engine Marketing services like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click Management Services, etc.

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Our guaranteed SEO India Services depends on the number of keywords, your current website positioning, optimization & ranking, competitiveness of the keywords, competitiveness of your market etc. Additionally, we would provide a custom-made SEO Services Guarantee quote for guaranteed top rankings based on the agreed keywords and the rankings needed. A typically guaranteed SEO package runs for 6 to 12 months.

We have Optimized over 200+ websites.
We have Optimized over 200+ websites.
Different industries Are Outsourcing SEO Work
Different industries Are Outsourcing SEO Work
Full Reporting System With Free Consultation.
Full Reporting System With Free Consultation.
24 Hours Support by Email, Phone or Chat
24 Hours Support by Email, Phone or Chat
Our Outsource SEO Services Are A Complete Solution.
Our Outsource SEO Services Are A Complete Solution.
Our SEO Pricing’s Are At Reasonable Costs
Our SEO Pricing’s Are At Reasonable Costs
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As your SEO service provider, we will customize your campaign according to your budget and marketing objectives. Our focus remains on making your online presence more authoritative so you can stay ahead of your competitors. Whether you are a startup or already have an existing business, our team will ensure that your website is search engine-friendly and possesses impressive user experience to enhance rankings, visibility, and lead generation. With our dedicated SEO services, expect to carve a prominent niche in your industry.

Yes, of course! Local SEO is a crucial element of SEO that helps businesses establish recognition and brand awareness in the local market. For any business, most of the qualified leads come from the local area. 46% of all Google searches are for local information. Therefore, you must be found in the “near me” and “nearby” searches. It will generate higher conversions.

In dedicated SEO services, you receive tailored solutions based on your industry requirements. A plumbing company will have a different market and competitive digital landscape than a local healthcare provider. When you analyze the differences and build a strategy based on the findings, you receive better results.

We have an extensive team of excellent copywriters and professional link builders. Each team member possesses an in-depth understanding and experience in their field of expertise. Streamlining the entire work process, we ensure all the elements are met to accomplish your business goals.

SEO is an indispensable element of digital marketing that helps you to be found online. It is a prerequisite to ensure your website is visible in the top search results and you are fetching impressive web traffic. There is no right or wrong time to hire an SEO expert. You can approach a specialist anytime. Whether you are launching a new website, redesigning an existing site, or willing to boost your organic traffic base, hiring an SEO expert is always the best solution.

The amount you have to pay for SEO services depends entirely on the scope of the project and the pricing structure you choose. We precisely have three payment structures- a monthly fee till the duration of your project, a project-based fee covering a specific scope of work, and hourly rates.

We retain transparent communication as we believe it will drive tangible results. Our experts will share all the activities throughout the project assignment. Do not worry; we will keep you connected!

This is a tricky question! Well, even if you have reached the peak of your SEO success, the game may change suddenly! If you have new businesses in your vertical, your competitors refine their strategies, the search engine algorithm undergoes a drastic change, or the consumer’s behaviour evolves, your rankings will come down. We mean there will always be ongoing adjustments to adapt to the changes.

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