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Google is responsible for nearly 73% shares of search engine marketing in the digital world. 81% of the people now search online before buying anything. The team of Black Marlin Technologies, being one of the top Google ads service providers, creates the best strategies to deliver relevant organic traffic to your website and convert them to potential buyers. If your company is still not at Google’s top, you will miss out on many golden opportunities. One way of taking your business up in Google is by placing textual ads on the SERPs. In this way, users will encounter your ads whenever they search for the keyword related to your brand. We deliver all the data with insights to the clients to make it more actionable. We handle every aspect of Google Adwords management services. With our correct and tactical Google ad management, your website will get found by niche audiences. Because of our many year’s experience in running Google Adword services, we know how to deliver results and perform!

Reasons to select us as Your Google Adwords service provider

Black Marlin Technologies have been one of the leading Google ads services for the past eight years. A long journey and innumerable successful advertisements on Google have made us an indisputable leader in the industry. Our dynamic team of Google ads service is an expert in this field with immense knowledge, skills, and expertise in this genre. They will always be at your service to clear any doubt related to the ad campaigns at all times. Our managers are also specialists in Google PPC, Adwords, and Adsense. As one of the well-known Google ads services agencies in India, we believe in offering full authentic suggestions and transparent reporting. We never fail to update and provide all the details of their latest campaigns for the Google Adwords service. Our company offers a complete package for Google Paid Ads Services in India, such as strategy planning, ad campaign launching, keyword planning, and more. We invest our time at first in understanding your business and what type of audience you are targeting before starting any Google ad management. Highly certified professionals, detailed weekly and monthly reports, influential sales and leads the delivery, and PPC campaigns A/B testing have made us the top Google ads service providers in India.

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Our Google Adword Services

At Black Marlin Technologies, our experts in Google ads services always remain dedicated to delivering the results of the paid advertising campaigns on time. Through Google Adwords management services, we will design the ad campaign to connect your brand with the audiences searching for your services or products. By hiring our Google Adwords service, you will end up earning more revenue than what you have invested. Being a reputed Google Adwords service provider, we create result-centric strategies and thus deliver what is promised to you. Our well-skilled team of Google ads service also takes care of detailed feeds of the products, customized field attributes, promotional content, and high-resolution pictures before publishing the campaign. Some of the strategies for our Google Paid Ads Services in India include:

Shopping Campaigns
Shopping Campaigns
Paid Search advertising
Paid Search advertising
Display advertisement
Display advertisement
conversion rate optimization
conversion rate optimization
Account setup
Account setup
Retargeting and remarketing
Retargeting and remarketing
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Google ad management is a more precise and rapid way of directing organic traffic to your website. According to the search engine, it is one of the best ways to convert leads into potential sales. Only people searching for your products or services will visit your website.

A Google ads services agency like Black Marlin Technologies will be responsible for developing, planning, and implementing the advertisement campaign. They will launch the campaigns on different Google partnered websites, search engines, and social media websites. Apart from designing the Google ads, they also monitor, review, track and manage the online budget of the client. The Google Adwords service provider also optimizes the campaign to the fullest.

Black Marlin Technologies has been dominating the segment of Google Paid Ads Services in India due to their excellence in the industry, guaranteed results, and outstanding track record. All our past and current clients are happy we execute their campaigns and deliver them the best ROI.

The cost of running an ad campaign on Google is dependent on the factors like the campaign duration, target audience width, ad intensity, and the desired reach of the geographical location. Our team will assist the client in creating an exclusive advertisement strategy as per their budget.

The result of the paid Google Adwords management services is almost instant. You will know whether you have set the correct metrics for your ad campaign or not within a day or two. You can see the outcome within weeks or months. It is also dependent on the type of campaign and goal chosen.

Some of the best advantages of Google ads services include an increase in leads and sales, brand awareness, generation of positive ROI, creating a strong SEO base, and a way to reach a multi-layer and vast niche targeted audience.

Keywords are the primary aspect of an advertisement of Google. Thus the Google-certified team of Black Marlin Technologies research and find out the most appropriate keywords which will make your ad campaign unique. We implement the best strategies for bidding and finally deliver the targeted result to the clients.

Our company is not industry-centric and has served companies from all verticals like finance, hospitality, B2B, eCommerce, travel, health, beauty, and more.

There are eight varieties of Google paid ads present, which are as follows. Search is the text ads that appear on Google Search engine results. The display is the image advertisements on Gmail or websites Video is the ads on YouTube Shopping is the product listings present on Google The app is the promotion of your application on different social channels Smart is the automated simplified advertisements on Google and the internet Local help to drive the customers to any physical store location Discovery runs advertisements on various feeds on Google while they are open
To see the results of a successful Google ad campaign, you have to wait for a minimum of 3 months. However, running the ad for three months to one year will grow into a strong campaign. The result is also dependent on various factors like the region and audiences you are targeting, keywords, and the product.
If you are displaying your products or services on Google ads for the first time, then a daily average budget of 10 to 50 dollars is good, to begin with. Always check the account balance regularly to see how your advertisements have performed on Google ads. The experts of Black Marlin Technologies set up a shared budget with the budget the client is willing to spend across multiple campaigns for them.

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