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Wordpress SEO Services

WordPress is the best choice for millions of businesses to design their website and run the business online. It is open source software to create a beautiful website with the number of marketing plugin and lots of online tutorials. Even After having a fully-functional WordPress site, the big question here is How to get top ranking with targeted keywords? Or “How to display a website to the targeted audience?” Well, the answer to this question is not easy at all but still, if you want the solution to this question then we can simply refer you a technique call search engine optimization (SEO).

Although, SEO technique isn’t a new name especially when you are running a WordPress website but due to dynamic nature of search engine guidelines it remains an interesting topic among tech-savvy or experts. Online competition continues growing like never before and this is one of the common reason why SEO services is an important function of every business.

Why Black Marlin Technologies for WordPress SEO?

Black Marlin Technologies have experts marketing team who have successfully performed SEO activities for the number of WordPress website. Our result driven SEO strategy ensures that you get higher exposures and traffic from the search engine for your WordPress website.

In another hand, we have experts team of WordPress developers who are able to handle WordPress coding part and optimize website code as per directed by SEO team. Our SEO experts can identify & implement useful WordPress plugin to optimize website effectively. Our team will not only optimize on-site SEO but will take care of effective off page optimization strategy and let you reach out to more and more people, increase traffic and the overall profit of the online business.

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Why Choose us for WordPress SEO Service?

We, at Black Marlin Technologies, use white hat SEO technique to promote the website and follow latest search engine guidelines. So, it ensures that you get long-term SEO results with our services. We provide affordable WordPress SEO services to all kind of businesses and also provide custom SEO packages on request.

Optimize website structure and make it SEO friendly.
Optimize website structure and make it SEO friendly.
Implementation of WordPress SEO plugin and configuration.
Implementation of WordPress SEO plugin and configuration.
Optimize website content and SEO score with Yoast Plugin.
Optimize website content and SEO score with Yoast Plugin.
Implement Google search console & Google Analytics code.
Implement Google search console & Google Analytics code.
Adding Structure markup code in a content.
Adding Structure markup code in a content.
Resolved canonical issues, redirection issues, server issues.
Resolved canonical issues, redirection issues, server issues.
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WordPress is the most commonly used open source software to create websites. Proposing multiple marketing plugins, it caters to numerous features. However, it is essential to optimize your WordPress website and content so that you can extend your reach to the audiences who are most likely searching for similar information. It improves your online visibility by top search result rankings. Additionally, your website earns credibility and authoritativeness as it attracts a large section of organic traffic.

This is an insightful question! We are delighted, you asked it! Well, let us tell you that WordPress SEO plugins do not propose comprehensive SEO elements essential to optimize your website according to the search engine algorithms. And SEO is not a turnkey. You have to constantly track and monitor site performance to refine your strategies for better results. WordPress SEO plugin configuration is only the beginning; the bigger picture is much more complex. If you want to rank your website higher and drive traffic, you must consider professional services.

The best WordPress SEO practices to improve visibility and attract organic traffic by ranking high in the search results include picking an SEO plugin, using tags and categories, updating permalinks, implementing XML sitemap, optimizing images, focussing on internal linking, using no-follow links, improving site security, optimizing page speed, and using SSL certificate.

If you have a newly created WordPress website, it may take four to six weeks for search engines to discover your site. Ensure that the privacy settings of your website are set to ‘Public’. Also, do not select the option ‘Do not allow search engines to index my site’.

The WordPress SEO factors that affect your website’s ranking in search engines are creating high-quality content using relevant keywords, optimization of site speed, employing user-friendly URLs, optimizing images, focussing on mobile responsiveness, using proper tags and categories, generating backlinks from reputed websites, and keep updating content.

Some common SEO mistakes that can affect your search result ranking are keyword stuffing, duplicate content, lack of internal linking, improper title tags and meta descriptions, neglecting local SEO, and ignoring mobile optimization.

Yes, of course! We create a comprehensive SEO strategy that will not only improve search result rankings but also establish your website’s relevance and authority through effective link building efforts. While optimizing the on-page elements, our focus remains on encouraging audience engagement to boost conversions. Our experts optimize the off-page elements to build your website’s recognition and credibility, improving domain authority.

SEO is not a turnkey solution. It takes several months to see noticeable results. Factors like keyword competitiveness, content quality, site architecture and design, backlinks, user experience, and EEAT of your site affect SEO results. However, you must invest at least four to six months to receive results.

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