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Performance Marketing Company Does investing in digital marketing seem frightening? Are you scared of the returns? A lot seems uncertain with the lack of an ideal marketing strategy, which varies from business to business. However, a performance marketing company can help you accomplish your business goals through data-driven analytics, improving your brand’s scalability.

For anyone unaware of performance marketing, it is a digital marketing and advertising strategy where the client pays after attaining a specific outcome. It may be click, lead, or sale. So, precisely, you pay your marketing agency only when you meet your business objectives as agreed upon between both parties. For small businesses, performance marketing is a blessing in disguise for increasing your brand’s awareness, reach, and conversions. You invest less with higher ROI.

At Black Marlin Technologies, we focus on boosting your brand’s digital expansion through precise analytical data and the appropriate communication mode to reach your target audience. Our strategies are based on your business requirements, ensuring long-lasting, quality returns with boundless performance.

The CAGR of digital marketing from 2020 to 2026 is projected 9%, so why waste your scope?

How does Performance Marketing Services Benefit Small Businesses?

Curtail Campaign Investments while Receiving Prosperous Outcomes
Scalable ROI Measurements
Scalable ROI Measurements

Performance marketing enables easy tracking and measuring of campaign results. Every time there is a prescribed action, a marketing goal is met. Thus, a marketer can comprehend how much to pay at the end of the campaign.

Improved KPI Optimization
Improved KPI Optimization

Marketers can directly target their KPIs, which includes escalating conversion rates, boosting sales, or enhancing client retention. Since performance marketing focuses on real-time profits, marketers are assured about the outcomes.

Diversified Revenue Sources
Diversified Revenue Sources

It is easy to switch to a different marketing channel when one is not working. This is one of the primary benefits of performance marketing, as the marketers are not required to spend ineffective advertising budgets.

Boosted and Prompt Results
Boosted and Prompt Results

Performance marketing assures better results in a shorter time. When you restrict your advertising budget, you know your marketing company will put their optimal efforts to attain the best possible results.

Increased Brand Awareness
Increased Brand Awareness

Through performance marketing, you can reach a more diverse and extensive audience through various marketing channels. You can drive more traffic and encourage better audience engagement, increasing chances of receiving leads.

Pay for What You Get
Pay for What You Get

Performance marketing is an incredible marketing tool, especially for small businesses, since you pay only for the results. Unlike, other digital marketing approaches, you do not have to pay in advance without receiving desired outcomes.

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Why Choose Black Marlin Technologies as Your Performance Marketing Company

Presently, performance marketing is the keynote of all content and media for brands. Apart from creating content, it enhances brand experiences, resulting in exponential business results. It substantially affects consumer decisions throughout the journey. Therefore, when you are considering small business performance marketing, ensure you are hiring the right agency because that makes all the difference!

Your performance marketing agency must aim for the relentless pursuit of results irrespective of the size of the project or the budget constraints. At Black Marlin Technologies, we have a dedicated team of performance marketing experts focussing on decreasing your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) while increasing your brand’s Lifetime Value (LTV). We assure you end-to-end digital brand awareness to help you reach potential clients, resulting in higher conversions and sales.

Our marketing activities are based on a meticulous evaluation of your buyer’s journey beginning from traffic generation. If you want to leverage performance marketing in your business expansion, you have landed on the right page!

Identify Goals and Motivations to Drive Digital Interactions

We analyze keywords focusing on the consumer’s mindset, enabling us to allocate and optimize your marketing campaigns. We comprehend the seasonality of trends, which significantly affects the consumer’s behaviour while inducing changes in the search intent algorithms.

Our experts implement such behavioural search signals to locate consumer demands. It helps to recognize the client’s competitors and propose insights in planning a strategic marketing approach.

Create and Optimize Performance Content for Optimal Results

Our content strategy revolves around the creation and optimization of website and social media content to drive increased traffic and align your business with the highest quality leads. Since the digital marketplace is dynamic, we implement a holistic approach to ensure superior user experience as it is directly proportionate to the conversion rate.

Therefore, through search engine optimization (SEO), our performance marketing experts administer the rankings and visibility of our brand to keep on the buzz.

Convert Consumer Intent into Sales Generation

We construct and promote media content across various channels to reach high-propensity target audiences for improved brand awareness and boosted engagement. We help brands execute their advertising efforts for promotional needs and benchmarking the voice of the brand.

Media planning at Black Marlin Technologies is a diversified strategy comprising media optimization, program development, channel distribution, and campaign administration.

Measure Business Outcomes through Data and Analytics

When all the performance marketing services for small businesses are executed, it is necessary to track the results to explore the scope of improvements. So, we employ advanced tools and metrics to evaluate data and assess the performance of multi-channel optimization.

Tracking performance on multiple dimensions using customized KPIs helps us determine where to lay our next focus.

Performance Marketing Services Provided by Us

Google My Business Optimization

The future of digital marketing looks more promising each year. In such a scenario, you must choose a performance marketing agency to scale up your advertising efforts without making huge investments. It is one of the most effective ways to diversify your audience and experience better reach to expand your business.

At Black Marlin Technologies, we focus on capturing valuable data, embracing the absolute effectiveness of performance marketing. From sponsored social media advertising to affiliated advertising, our experts do not leave a stone unturned to accomplish your business needs. With more measurable results, you receive better ROI as you can optimize your advertisement budget.

Before setting out to implement strategies, we determine your business goals and map a plan that will work for your campaign. It offers you assured outcomes and leaves no scope for error. Our team assesses the market competition of your industry to learn about the current trends and format ads according to the buyer’s intent.

Whenever you select performance marketing partner, ensure that the company has previous experience working in your industry, as it encourages a better understanding of the challenges and their fixes.

Our performance marketing service comprises of:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- It is a critical part of performance marketing measured by keyword rankings, organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising- The advertiser pays for every click. Google AdWords is the most popular PPC channel.
  • Content Marketing- It involves creating and sharing useful content to attract audiences, resulting in potential conversions.
  • Email Marketing- Email campaigns are effective for following up with existing clients and connecting to new ones with a more personalized approach.
  • Social Media Advertising- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are popular social media platforms to promote and advertise brands.
  • Affiliate Marketing- When a business rewards its affiliates for a new visitor or customer because of the affiliates’ efforts, it is known as affiliate marketing.
  • Display Advertising- The banner ads displayed on various websites are an impressive source of driving traffic.
  • Influencer Marketing- Partnering with influencers to promote a brand is a unique approach to encourage engagements, clicks, and sales.

How Do We Conduct Small Business Performance Marketing?

Determine specific performance goals
Determine specific performance goals
 Identify the target audience for qualified leads
Identify the target audience for qualified leads
Create and optimize ad campaign
Create and optimize ad campaign
Set bid and allocate budget
Set bid and allocate budget
Promote content advertising channels
Promote content advertising channels
Analyze and track ad performance
Analyze and track ad performance

At Black Marlin Technologies, we prioritize individual business requirements, and so our experts provide tailored solutions dedicated to meeting the digital competition. So, our competent digital marketing team focuses on planning and building strategies that synergize efforts and results. We deliver performance marketing solutions to:

  • B2B Businesses: We possess a thorough comprehension of the micro and macro market, providing us with a clear idea of your target audience. From B2B business campaigns to CRM-enabled performance, our solutions are comprehensive.
  • E-Commerce Businesses: Our professionals focus on increasing your brand’s visibility while reaching out to potential leads. Intending to expose your business to a wider mass, we target diverse performance marketing strategies.
  • Retail Businesses: Implementing the funnel marketing approach, we ensure successful client acquisition and the generation of new leads.

Why Should You Invest in Performance Marketing Services?

Performance marketing proposes myriad benefits to small businesses, especially those with limited advertising budgets and focuses on making the best use of it! If you are still in doubt, wondering whether to hire a performance marketing company, we are to clear the clouds of confusion. Let’s have a look at why investing in performance marketing services is a good idea.

  • Data-Driven Results: Performance marketing assures measurable results since businesses can easily track and measure their campaign’s real-time effectiveness. Therefore, one can evaluate what is working and what is not for optimizing the strategies accordingly.
  • Adaptability: Make instant adjustments to your campaign if it is not generating the desired results. The enormous flexibility of performance marketing makes it an excellent choice.
  • Prompt Launch: For time-responsive events and promotions, performance marketing is more beneficial than other traditional methods. This is because such campaigns can be launched quickly and scaled up too.
  • Cost Effectiveness: For small businesses, performance marketing works wonders! You pay for desired actions only, which include clicks, leads, conversions, or sales. Therefore, you can receive the best results from your marketing budget through the pay-for-performance structure.
  • Increased ROI: Since you get data-driven results, it implies that the return on investment (ROI) is higher. When you can easily refine your campaign persistently, it leads to better budget allocation.
  • Advanced Targeting Options: Through performance marketing services, you can precisely target your audience reach based on multiple advanced options like demographics, behaviors, interests, etc. It even allows retargeting past visitors.
  • Multifaceted Implementation: It is not only the search engines responsible for promoting your campaign; social media, email marketing, display marketing, content marketing, etc., are the various platforms supporting performance marketing. Hence, it allows a diversified audience reach.
  • Valuable Client Insights: The data perceived through performance marketing provides enhanced insights into client’s behaviour, interests, and trends. Upgrading your campaign strategy for an enhanced user experience becomes convenient.

To say, performance marketing ensures measurable success with a higher level of accountability.

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Performance Marketing FAQs

Performance Marketing FAQs

Performance marketing is a form of digital marketing wherein the advertiser pays the marketing agency only after a specific action takes place, like click, impression, lead, or sale. It has several strategies like SEO, SMM, PPC, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and others.
There are various ways to pay in performance marketing. These include Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Impression (CPM), Cost-Per-Sale (CPS), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), and Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA).
There are five types of performance marketing channels- banner or display ads, native advertising, content marketing, social media, and search engine marketing (SEM).
Performance marketing is beneficial to small businesses because you can set a bid for a particular ad and allocate a budget for the entire ad campaign. Hence, you do not have to break the bank to receive measurable results.
The KPIs used to measure performance marketing are Return on Investment (ROI), Cost-Per-Sale (CPS), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), Conversion Rate and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).
To acquire measurable results in performance marketing, you must invest at least 4-6 months. There is no hard and fast rule, but the longer, the better.
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