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Local SEO Services

It is important for your local businesses that customers know where you are and how to access your products and services. With dying mediums such as letterbox drops, newspapers and cold calling, it is essential for local businesses to optimize for local customers online. These days, Google is the number one place customers go to search for local products. Do you know that Currently, Google shows about 35 % searches that happen on Google are for local area? Also, more than 70% of the consumers find local businesses using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. So if your business/website is not on these search engines, then you are missing out on a large number of potential leads. We, At Black Marlin Technologies, have already benefited Numbers of businesses around India with our SEO services. We can help small and big business with our best local SEO services at a very affordable cost.

Local SEO Services India – What Makes Us Preferred Choice?

Black Marlin Technologies is a young, fresh, dynamic and cutting-edge Local SEO Company located in Delhi, India. Established in 2014, built on integrity and honesty, we are a fast-growing online marketing agency. With a fantastic young team and proven results, we are the people to trust with your online advertising and local business SEO needs. We can help you deliver more profit from your existing search marketing or help you build a great SEO program from the ground up.

We are specialized in local SEO services and our prime focus is on helping local businesses dominate their local area. Our SEO tactics will transform your local business and get it to the top of the rankings in the search engines, and generate more leads and sales. you are accessing Local SEO specialists who are leaders in their field by working with us. Our range of Local SEO services caters for most budgets.

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Our Local SEO Strategies

At Black Marlin Technologies, we provide services to run your PPC campaign in the local area or multiple suburbs in various geographic locations. Besides, we can target a wide range of keywords for different products and services. If you are looking for quick and effective marketing results, then you should opt for PPC ads for your local audience and we are the master in this. We produce reports, use different tools and methodologies to calculate your actual ROI because we believe that clients need to know the performance of their small business SEO investment. We intend to multiply your ROI (return on investment) by executing effective Online Marketing strategies and techniques, so you can get the preferred results. So, Request a free quote today.

Our Google local SEO strategies have been shaped by our huge experience in local niches. Some of our local SEO strategies include.

Google My Business optimization

Ranking through Google Maps

Specialized Geo-targeting strategies

Local competition analysis

Optimization of directories

Ranking on the front page through snack pack map listings
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On-site SEO is the practice of optimizing different elements on a website to improve the rankings in the search engine search results and to enhance visibility. The other name of the on-site SEO is on-page SEO. On-site SEO ensures that the titles, pages, content, meta tags, meta descriptions, image tags, and overall structure of the website are optimized for the keywords that were targeted. On-site SEO is a straightforward process. It also includes research for the relevant keywords for the website, their search volumes and competition level difficulty.

Audit of a website means full analysis of everything relevant to the web store to increase the search engine visibility. A detailed and complete website audit will give you a clear overview of why your website is not generating any traffic or why the conversions and sales are not increasing. A thorough audit will give you feedback about each detail starting from content to the technical issues. A website audit can also be defined as the page performance examination compared to large scale website design or SEO (search engine optimization).

It’s all up to competition level of the keywords and SEO plan that you opt for SEO services. Generally, high competitive keywords take the more time to get ranking in-compare of low and middle-level competitive keywords. At the initial stage of project starting we prepare a strategy and send you deliverable, so you know when you will see the result.

No, You can discontinue our services at any time if you don’t see the expected results. However, it’s not going to happen at all because the deliverables are based on through deep SEO analysis. We do not make the false promise and blindly commitment to our client. We will let you know exactly what we can and deliver to you.

Sure, We have worked with the Indian and Overseas client and you must know what results we have delivered for them. Check out Our SEO portfolio.

Yes, all the SEO packages are fully prepared while taking Panda, Penguine and Google’s all other SEO Guidelines in mind. As, we have Google certified guys in our team and they know very well about what is good and bad for the site. We only focus on latest guidelines not traditional method.

Yes, we can build custom seo plans for you. Please get in touch with us so we can understand your requirements.

Nothing to Worry!! We have clients around the GLOBE mainly in USA, UK, Australia, South Africa and Gulf Countries. 90% of our total foreign clients have discussed their queries and SEO requirement over email. Whatsapp and SKYPE etc. Everything can be possible over SKYPE whether the client wants VIDEO calling OR any sort of team meeting. Working with our SEO experts and marketing team over the Internet is more convenient, more efficient and faster than spending time arranging in-person meetings.

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