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SEO for Contractors

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an impactful digital marketing tool for any business owner who wishes to stand out in the industry niche, appearing on the first page of the Google search results. Gone are the days when a word of mouth, the yellow pages, or the sales call was enough to reach customers looking for general contractors or other home service companies. Today, if your company do not have well-optimized contractor SEO, you simply cannot get hold of the larger picture!

So, Black Marlin Technologies brings you the ultimate contractor marketing strategy- contractor SEO services. Implementing both on-page and off-page SEO strategies, we enable you to reap every advantage from your website, including successful promotion and earning potential leads. Since every business is different, we customize your contractor SEO procedure so that you gain optimal Return on Investment (ROI) and secure a fair chance of doubling your revenue!

How can Black Marlin Technologies Help You with Contractor SEO?

The marketing experts at Black Marlin Technologies utilize an extensive assortment of SEO services for contractors as the search engines specifically function according to algorithms. These algorithms are governing factors regulating the tracking of your website by search engines, the crawling of your website and metadata, and indexing the contents of your website copy. The accretion of potent local SEO for contractors comprising result-driven content and effective link building are the key tools for driving quality organic traffic.

As a recognized contractor SEO company, Black Marlin Technologies focus not only on brand promotion pitched through keyword research but outrank your competitors and increasing conversion rate. Through the means of a powerful optimized website, fresh content, and the incursion of compatible backlinks, we enable you to reach the target audience, enhancing your competitive advantage.

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How do We Provide You with the Right Contractor SEO Solutions?

Specialized as a contractor SEO agency, we at Black Marlin Technologies focus on identifying the leading sales-driving search keywords in your industry while establishing firm technical SEO of your website. The speed of your website, responsiveness, visual stability- the Core Web Vitals is significant factors that dissuade users from exploring other landing pages. So with our SEO for contractors, we ensure creating industry authority, saving your time and money behind contextual advertising!

Execute diligent digital marketing survey
Execute diligent digital marketing survey
Edit and optimize the website’s code and content
Edit and optimize the website’s code and content
Create SEO-specific creative content
Create SEO-specific creative content
Generate local references through backlinks
Generate local references through backlinks
Track and report analytics regularly
Track and report analytics regularly
Monitor search trends for better performance
Monitor search trends for better performance

Black Marlin Technologies dwells in implementing the exact tools and techniques required to outrank your competitors in search engines. Based on the standard search engine algorithms strategies responsible for establishing effective contractor marketing services, our expert SEO team seeks a long-term approach. You may have approached several digital marketing strategies, but your website doesn’t rank on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). It implies you are doing something wrong or in other words, you do not have a well-optimized website. This is where Black Marlin Technologies comes to your rescue! Let us introduce you to our comprehensive contractor SEO strategy:

Keywords Research-

Keywords are the vital element influencing the visibility of your company’s website. When a homeowner or a business owner looks for general contractors, words or phrases like “contractor” or “contracting services” are used in Google’s search bar. We focus more on long-tail keywords than short-tail keywords for narrowing down the search results. Thus, keywords like “contracting services Ottawa” or “building repair contractors” are more specific than “contractor”.

User-Friendly Experience

Why should a user stay on your website if the experience is not good enough? By this, we mean a website should be user-friendly with the convenience of easy browsing and impressive download speed. Today, in the era of smartphones, a website must be mobile-compatible. Therefore our SEO contractor experts compress images, reduce HTTP requests, and merge CSS and JavaScript files to avoid bounce rates and slow page speeds.

Off-Page Strategies

Building an impressive online reputation not only through keywords but links and mentions from other sites is equally important. It is known as off-page SEO which aids in greater visibility. Your company appears more frequently, retaining consistency while browsing channels. At Black Marlin Technologies, we create effective backlinks for off-page SEO that improves your site’s online dominance and scope of ranking.

Monitor Site Performance

Persistent measures to track your site’s performance help in improving and refining your site’s content. There is no absolute plan for successful SEO. It is based on conjecture and hypothesis where search behaviour keeps changing and so does the optimization process.

When you partner with Black Marlin Technologies, you get:

  • Recognizing competitor
  • Tracking competitor behaviour
  • Auditing the website for SEO
  • Optimizing website based on keywords research
  • Optimizing local SEO
  • Tracking lead calls
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Promoting website content
  • Analysing performance reports
  • Updating website content

How is Contractor SEO Different from Other SEO Services?

For most business owners and consumers, the probe for a reputed contractor starts on a search engine. However, studies have proved that a mere presence on the search engine page is not enough until your contracting company ranks within the top three! It appears that most users do not go beyond the top three search results. The reason is evident! These sites offer all the information the user is seeking. Surprisingly, the first site listed receives most of the clicks! A competitive SEO strategy helps in ranking a website. It results in a higher click-through rate (CTR), which means greater brand awareness and boosted revenue.

Black Marlin Technologies is recognized as a potential contractor marketing agency with a specialized SEO team focussing on getting your online presence prospering. However, the SEO strategy varies from business to business. Our approach to contractor SEO creates a bigger impact on a smaller budget and is proven exponentially beneficial for generating organic traffic.

  • We target your local service area unless you offer services throughout the nation. This helps in analysing the local market, focussing on demand and supply.
  • We implement local SEO strategies including review management, citation development, Google verification and updating Google My Business Profile, and on-page SEO using local keywords.
  • We analyze your direct and indirect competitors while keeping a track of their online behaviour.
  • We review your report analytics to ensure the local audience can reach your business online.
The traditional means of business marketing for contractors is gone! Billboards and newspaper advertisements do not pay off cost-effective results. For the translation of leads into more business, investing in SEO services is a good catch!

How to Market Individual Contractors?

Contracting businesses which may be any of these (mentioned below) require a specific online marketing strategy depending on the type of market and the consumers.
  • General contractor
  • Roofer
  • Electrician
  • HVAC contractor
  • Remodeler
  • Plumber
  • Building restoration contractor
  • Window and door contractor
  • Flooring contractor
However, to note, when you become an independent contractor, you become the business! So anything you do in your work lays an impact on your business. At Black Marlin Technologies, our campaign experts possess exhaustive comprehension and skills in internet marketing for contractors while implementing numerous effective strategies. We specialize in local SEO and can virtually partner with any contracting company in the industry. Following are the effectual marketing strategies for individual contractors observed by us:

  • Create a User-Friendly Website:- Digital presence is the most crucial tool to reach out to potential consumers. A well-optimized website with engaging content is a must-have to get identified in the market.
  • Add Blogs or Videos:- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most impactful social media platforms- always available for a buzz! Whether launching new offers or promoting services, nothing can get you better results!
  • Local SEO:- Focussing on the local market, analyzing competitors and tracking their online behaviour aids in determining your specific marketing strategy. Get recognized by the local audiences for developing brand value and generating potential leads.
SEO for contractors from Black Marlin Technologies proved higher rankings and increased traffic, leads, and sales as our team of internet marketers work diligently, driving more revenue to our clients.
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Contractor SEO FAQs

When you own a contracting business with a resourceful website, the SEO experts implement an effective digital marketing strategy consisting of both on-page and off-page elements to promote your business and generate potential leads. This process includes optimizing the website content and codes for achieving good ranks on the search engine result pages (SERPs) based on the targeted keywords. It boosts your online visibility acquiring a greater competitive advantage.
A robust contractor SEO strategy can reap numerous benefits over traditional marketing strategies like billboards, radio and television advertisements, etc. Creating brand awareness with industry authority is one of the major goals of Contractor SEO. You receive quality organic traffic, increasing the chances of lead translation. Well-optimized SEO can help you stay ahead of your competitors by providing effective and prompt solutions to your target audience. And do not forget about the time and money you save!
The SEO for a contractor company proposed by Black Marlin Technologies is based on the following process: 1. Audit your website 2. Competitive analysis and review 3. Customize your contractor’s SEO strategy 4. Update website 5. Optimize your website content and codes 6. Perform local SEO 7. Create backlinks and citations for off-page SEO 8. Track website rankings 9. Report analytics
We have a team of specialized internet marketers with extensive knowledge and experience to work with any contractor company in the industry. We focus on targeting the local audience through robust SEO and other campaigning tools like Google Local Services ads, PPC, CallRail accounts, SMO, Video and Email marketing, local business listings, lead magnets, review management, and so on. The result is more leads and booked jobs with increased ROI.
Good, you have asked this! SEO is a slow and steady process. It does not happen overnight! You will notice some success between 3-6 months. However, for highly competitive industries, it may even take up to a year. Do not worry! Wait for the sweet fruit of patience!
At Black Marlin Technologies, we make the utmost utilization of the SEO service. We target users or consumers who are ardently searching for products and services like yours. It results in a more competent approach enabling affordable SEO services with maximum benefits.
To maximize your business success or in other words measure SEO analytics, we will monitor and track your SEO results through organic traffic, CTR, keyword ranking, bounce rate, page speed, domain authority, incoming links, and conversion rate. We execute multiple SEO metrics tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, and Ahrefs. You will receive a success report weekly or monthly based on the contract.
Yes, you can stop working with us anytime if you are not satisfied with our service results.
We have a dedicated team for digital marketing comprising a project manager, marketing strategist, SEO expert, content writer, graphic designer, front-end developer, social media specialist, and PPC manager. Our expert team ensures minimizing risks and drawing maximum results through executing multi-channel marketing on the core business.

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