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These days, the world is changing completely in view of web technology. So, it is very important having a great web presence to survive here. Web design & development services are very vital in today’s extremely competitive world. No business can sustain in this competitive market without these services. We, at Black Marlin, a web development services in Delhi, India firm offer excellent yet affordable web development services. We have a team of professionals who has expertise in developing any type of website design on any platform by understanding your business needs. Our experienced and professional web developers focus to deliver high quality website development service throughout the designing process.

WordPress Development services India

WordPress Development

WordPress began in the year 2003 with just one single bit of coding for enhancing the typography of the everyday writing with just a couple of users than you may be able to count on your toes and fingers. Since that time, it’s grown to be the biggest self-hosted tool for blogging in the whole world, employed on various websites and also seen by millions of users each day.

Everything that you see right from documentation to coding was developed by the community and for the community. WordPress is an Open Source Project which signifies that there’re a lot of people all throughout the world who are working on this project. It also signifies that you’re free to employ it for anything right from your recipe site to the Fortune five hundred website without paying a license fees and various other significant freedoms.

PrestaShop Development Services India

PrestaShop Development

PrestaShop is a free of cost, Open Source E Commerce solution. The software has been published under Open Software license. It’s written in PHP program language with assistance for MySQL DBMS.
PrestaShop is presently employed by approximately 250,000 shops all throughout the world and is also available in sixty different programming languages.

Being an open Source firm, it needs to face a lot of challenges for generating revenue. By leveraging size as well as the international scope of the Open Source community, the firm established 2 revenue sources:

• PrestaShop Addons, which is a marketplace with the help of which the merchants buy customised add-ons as well as themes for their web stores.
• Strategic partnership with the leaders of the E commerce industry like Google or PayPal.

Magento Development Services India

Magento Development

Magento is an open Source E Commerce platform which is written in the PHP language. This software was developed originally by Varien Inc. which is a USA based private firm which is headquartered in California with help from its volunteers.

Varien published its first ever general availability software in the year 2008. Roy Rubin who was the former CEO of the company, later on sold a huge amount of his shares of the firm to eBay, which was totally acquired eventually and then the company was spun off.

According to a research which was conducted by Ahead Works in the year 2015, the market share of Magento amongst the thirty most famous E Commerce platforms is approximately 29.8%.

Magento hires MySQL/MariaDB relational DBMS, PHO program language as well as elements of Zend Framework. It also applies the conventions of the object oriented programming as well as model view controller architecture. Magento even employs the entity attribute value model for storing the data.

PHP Development Services India

PHP Development

PHP is a widely used Open Source general purpose script language which is suited especially for web-development and may be embedded in HTML.

Instead of a lot of commands to HTML, the pages of PHP have HTML with the embedded codes which do something. The PHP coding is enclosed in the special starting and ending process instructions which help you in jumping in and out of the PHP mode.

What distinguishes it from other languages like JavaScript is that coding is executed on server, which generates HTML which is sent to the user. The user would get the results for running the script, but he or she wouldn’t know what underlying coding was. You may also configure the web-server for processing all the HTML files with the PHP language and then there is no way the users may be able to tell you to work on it.