Bing Paid Ads

Bing Paid Ads Services

Bing is the second most popular search engine after Google and a huge number of audience search information on Bing. Accordingly, to a recent survey Bing search market is 17% that’s mean there is the huge number of people using Bing and you have chances to promote your products or services here with less price among potential buyers.

Whether youre new with Bing Ads or looking to optimize your existing campaign for better conversion, the PPC specialists at Black Marlin Technologies are always ready to help with every aspect of your Bing Ads management.

Why Promote Your Business to Bing Ads?

The very first reason is that there is a big number of Bing lovers and their first priority is Bing than other search engines. Secondly, fewer people advertise on Bing compare to Google so you get affordable CPL to increase online sale. Fewer people are advertising on Bing Ads, so the amount that you have to pay to reach millions of target customers is bit low.

Bing Advertising Features

Bing allows standard text ads including search ads and content ads for your business. Search ads display when one searches for a specific keyword related to your products or services on Bing and your ad displays in the organic search result.

Bing also offers content ads like display ads on Google, which add some flexibility to increase ads visibility among the targeted audience. Your content ads can be viewed by the Yahoo, Microsoft, or other partners.

Products listing ads is another useful feature that Bing offers. Product ads allow displaying products on the Bing search with images, promotional text, prices, and description. This type of ads is really useful for a retailer or e-commerce website looking to generate more leads and sales.

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Why Choose Black Marlin Technologies for Your Bing Ads Campaign Management?

Black Marlin Technologies has a team of dedicated and certified PPC experts with years of experience on optimizing Bing Ads for different business verticals. Our PPC specialists ensure to understand your business model with other things that matter in the paid campaign including sales funnel, unique selling proposition, competitors etc

Even if you are not sure with the complexity of Bing Ads, we can help on finding leads opportunities with Bing Ads. We have work for small to medium-sized businesses and run their paid campaign to ensure best output. Please get in touch with our Bing marketing expert with your specific requirements and allow us some time to work on your custom requirement to display result oriented paid marketing strategy for your online business.

Please get in touch with our PPC expert’s team and let us know your custom requirement and get a free quote from our team