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Facebook Paid Ads Services in India will help your company enhance brand awareness, improve revenue-driven efforts and lead generation. Facebook has become one of the giant social media platforms to promote your business online. With more than 2 billion facebook users as your targeted audience, diversified advertisement types, and advanced targeting alternatives, facebook has become a compulsory medium for companies to grow in the online world. At Black Marlin Technologies, we offer the best facebook ads services that will assist your company to take full benefit of the platform.

Starting from creating your ad strategy to launching it on facebook and continuously monitoring its performance, our team takes care of every aspect of the facebook marketing service. The social media experts of our company work directly with the client while creating, planning, launching, and reviewing the advertisement campaign on facebook and ensure everything is going according to their requirements. Almost 74% of people all over the globe are using facebook . So take advantage of this massive number to create correct branding of your services or products by accessing the services of the top facebook marketing company.

Objectives of facebook Paid Ads Services India

OAs one of the most reputed facebook advertising agencies India, we understand every business includes exclusive goals for running an ad campaign on the social media platform. facebook advertisements deliver different objectives for the conversion and sales perspective. Black Marlin Technology, as one of the top facebook ads agencies India, covers every goal like audience reach and brand awareness. Our primary target as the best facebook Company in India is to provide data-driven and analytical social media marketing to clients.

Our support team for your running ad campaign on Facebook includes the most experienced and knowledgeable social marketer, content creator, certified ad manager, SEO expert, web designer, and dedicated account manager. The Facebook marketing services of Black Marlin Technologies assists clients by creating campaigns of all sizes- small or giant one. Our Facebook marketing service enhances the referral traffic to the client website from this social media platform. Being one of the finest Facebook advertising agencies in India, we create driving lead conversions through dynamic marketing on the world’s most renowned social media platform.


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Benefits of Choosing us for your Facebook Ads Services
Advanced optimizations of the test advertisements
Advanced optimizations of the test advertisements
Efficient management of the bids via Facebook Ads
Efficient management of the bids via Facebook Ads
A dedicated project manager for each campaign
A dedicated project manager for each campaign
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Facebook Paid Ads Page FAQs

As one of the leading facebook companies in India, we start our client advertisement campaigns by understanding every business is different. At first, we thoroughly go through the messages and specific audiences for a service or product. It helps us set up the perfect campaign, delivering your website perfect clicks, which will turn into conversions. Rather than only concentrating on the ad campaign launch and taking our hands off from the project, we monitor the entire promotion till it is over.
facebook ads service is a process of actively using the platform as the marketing channel. Through a facebook ad campaign, you can attract and manage the niche audience to your website and convert them to potential sales. Numerous organizations and enterprises use facebook to develop a solid fan base for their service, brand, or product.
According to Black Marling Technologies, a famous facebook marketing company, you should invest in facebook ad campaigns due to the following reasons. ● It is cheap ● The majority of the audiences are on facebook ● facebook ’s targeting capacities are exceptional ● Efficient lead conversion ● Finding qualified and new leads are easy
The answer to this question is simple. Yes, facebook advertising campaigns are as effective as other paid ones. Also, you can get the results almost immediately.
The price of running a successful campaign by the best facebook advertising agency India is dependent on the CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). The price also varies due to several factors like targeted audience, objective, placement, and industry.
With over seven years of experience in the digital marketing industry and as an undisputed facebook ads agency India, we can guarantee that paid advertisement on this social media platform is efficient even for the service businesses. It will help you to connect with the targeted audience and make them aware of the service you offer to them.
facebook Paid Ads Services India is an influential marketing tool for small and enormous companies. With unparalleled ability and simple measurement, you can target your niche audiences based on their age, location, interests, and preferences. facebook marketing campaigns can create a massive difference and assist you in standing out in the competitive world, reaching your buyers, and expanding your business.
Usually, it takes 3 to 4 days to see the result of any facebook paid ad campaign from the day of its launch.
At First, a facebook company India like Black Marlin Technologies will set up the ad campaign and launch it on facebook . Then whenever someone clicks on your ads, they will get redirected to the destination URL of the client website. You can send your audiences to any page, website, application, or other events.

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