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Snapchat Ads

To avail Snapchat Paid Ads Services in India by the top marketing agency is a must if you want to build more omnipresence, drive enhanced sales and reach new customers. Over 260 million users are on Snapchat, which gives you expanding audiences to reach for. Almost 70% of the Genz and millennial audiences use Snapchat every day. Out of which, 50% of the users fall between the age range of 25 and older. With the help of advertising on Snapchat, you can target users aged between 13 to 34 to visit your website on their mobile.

According to statistics, Snapchat is leading the social media platforms in the Middle East. The highest number of active users in Snapchat is from Saudi Arabia, followed by Jeddah and Riyadh. The residents spend nearly 35 minutes every day surfing different snaps. Thus Snapchat offers massive opportunities to the business owners to promote their business in the Middle East Countries through paid advertisements.

Black Marlin Technologies include years of experience managing and controlling Snapchat ads on behalf of our clients. We scale their spending and also decrease the returns on the ad spend. Our marketing team knows well how to maximize the results through creative attention. In other words, we know how to improve your sales and traffic.

The Snapchat marketing crew of our company knows the complete picture well between the ad creatives, funnel, narratives, band positioning, and audiences. That is why Black Marlin Technologies is the perfect choice for ads on Snapchat of many ambitious brands.

What Business types will get Benefit from Snapchat Paid Ads Services in India?

With a learning curve, there is a necessity for in-depth knowledge for every social media channel. It is especially applicable for the different requirements and styles of Snapchat ads. Thus, the skills and experience of a reputed Snapchat marketing agency like Black Marlin Technologies are highly essential for creating an ad campaign on Snapchat. We assist the below companies to navigate different fluctuations and help them to achieve their goal within a rapid time.

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How does BMT Assist the Brands in advertising on Snapchat?

Everything we do at Black Marlin Technologies related to Snapchat ads is result-driven. Our marketing experts will always enhance your ROI on the ad spend, create brand awareness, and scale the customer acquisition. We also understand the significance of creative advertising on Snapchat. That is why we have formed our in-house creative studio to build performance-driven ads and help the clients get more customers.

Our team for Snapchat Paid Ads Services India knows all the popular ways to create the best advertisement on the social media platform. We understand which type of audiences work in which way and can connect with the client brand. Our company implemented a full-funnel approach for each Snapchat ads India campaign to leave no stone unturned for making it successful. The different types of Snapchat ads available are as follows.

In-feed video Ads

Spark ads

Image Ads

Video Ads

Pangle ads

Carousel ads
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Snapchat FAQ

If your company appeals more to the user base, it is worth investing in a Snapchat ad campaign. With a reasonable price and the least daily spend, everyone can set up a successful Snapchat ad campaign and strategies. So get creative with Black Marlin Technologies to produce exclusive campaigns and create hype for your services or products.
You can start a Snapchat ad campaign with a minimum of 5 dollars for a day. We will set up a lifetime and daily budget that works for the client and adjust it accordingly. Snapchat provides various tools like Snap publisher to edit or create any advertisement within minutes.
You can reach a customer base of almost 111 million users within an age range of 13 to 17 years with the Snapchat ad campaign.
Snap Commercials will engage your audiences and create new brand awareness. The user cannot skip the commercials for a minimum of 6 seconds and can be up to 3 minutes. The snap ads are present within the curated content of the social media platform.
Whenever we partner with a new client, they are at a different growth level and want to go higher. We assess the performance of your inactive and active ad channels on the platform, a gap in the recent efforts, and find the improvement areas. Once our team completes this audit, we will implement a cohesive strategy to deliver quick results.
At Black Marlin Technologies, our primary goal is to deliver the results. We send every day, and weekly reports of the Snapchat Paid Ads Services India, where you can examine how much you have to spend, what your revenue is, the potential leads, and more. If the ROI increases, you can ensure that your campaign is working.
We cover strategic designing, ad campaign deployment, ongoing optimization and management, and real-time reporting within our Snapchat paid ad services.
We usually set the ad spend in the same pattern as the user will remain active on the social media app. Mostly the users remain active on Snapchat from 9 AM to 2 AM.
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