Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

If you are in search of a partner who will look after your SEO marketing needs, then do contact us. Black Marlin Technologies offer the website, and you may use it for information purposes only. By using the information or downloading any material from it, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions. Kindly do not use anything if you cannot follow the T&Cs.

This website, including all the materials, is the property of Black Marling Technologies and comes with copyright. We do not imply any rights or grants under any trademarks, copyrights, patents, or trade secret information. If, by any mistake, any content or image belongs to you or anyone you know, then contact us, and we will eliminate it instantly. Black Marlin Technologies is in a relationship with innumerable suppliers, government officials, customers, and many others. For simplicity and convenience, phrases like partnership, partner, and venture are present to show the business relationship involving common interests and activities. The use of any service, feature, or product present on this website or Black Marlin Technologies as an entity by any website user should follow the following terms.

Third-Party Content

This website makes the third party information available, including reports, news reports, tools for facilitating calculation, articles, information of the company, and other data. You will agree and acknowledge all the third party contents for general information only and do not constitute a solicitation or recommendation. Additionally, this content will not offer legal, investment, or tax-related advice. The third-party content obtained from the sources is reliable, but we do not make any guarantee by a website or the third-party provider to the completeness, timeliness, and accuracy.

While using any third party content, leave the website, and be directed to an external website maintained by someone other than Black Marlin Technologies. If you visit any such website, you can pay a visit at your own risk. It will also be your responsibility to take protective measures to guard yourself against viruses or other destructive elements. BMT does not make any representation or warranty, do not endorse, or link any information to any product or service thereof. Links present in this website do not imply we endorse, affiliates endorse, or is associated with any legally authorized logo or symbol of any other subsidiaries or affiliates.


The website might contain clerical, typographical, and inaccuracy issues. Black Marlin Technologies disclaims the entire obligation of updating any of the materials of this website. We also do not warranty any material completeness, accuracy, or any advice reliability, information of statement distributed, or displayed through the website. Any advice, memorandum, opinion, information, or statement shall be the risk of the user. We reserve all the rights at sole discretion to correct any omission or error in any portion of the website. We can also make any changes to the website, products, services, materials, programs, or prices at any time with no notice.

Limited License

Subject to the terms and conditions, Black Marlin Technologies offers you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, restricted access right to this website and its materials. You also need to agree not to attempt for interruption of the website in any way.

No Warranties

The material, information, or any of the software available on the website, is given as it is, with no warranty or representation, implied or expressed. It is not limited to the merchantability warranties, non-infringement, or fitness for a specific purpose. There is no guarantee of any kind implied or expressed in favor of the third-party content. We also do not guarantee you that the website will be free from viruses. Some of the county’s jurisdictions do not allow implied warranties exclusion, so all these above exclusion might not be available to you.


If the client wants to cancel the automatic renewal process, then you need to inform us of a minimum one month before the renewal date. Black Marlin Technologies reserves all the termination rights of the annual maintenance anytime through the written notice by the client. Due to any reason, the client decides to cancel the ongoing package for the maintenance of their website, and then they have to pay the entire remaining amount of the remaining days of the month.

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