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Are you not showing up in Google Maps results?

Do you have ranking issues?

It is not uncommon for any business without GMB optimization! Google My Business is the kernel of every business today! You can list your business in local search results and Google Maps. You can include resourceful information like your working hours and contact details and link your website. Isn’t it amazing to have a prominent online business profile to connect local users?

Today, people search for businesses on Google as they have more access to information than ever before! And it is not just about big brands, GMB SEO has enabled small businesses as well, to capture local audiences and mark a distinguished position across the digital platform. You earn audiences’ trust, drive more traffic, enable audiences to learn more about your business, and boost sales.

  • When 97% of Internet users search online for local businesses, why not make the most of it? You will also be surprised to learn that 78% of the local searches result in an offline conversion!

So, if you want to boost sales through local search, our team of experts at Black Marlin Technologies is here to help you rank up on Google Maps and drive local leads. Let us hear from you; we have some incredible proposals for you!

What are the Benefits of Google My Business Optimization Services?

Leverage Local Online Prominence by Encouraging Visibility and Attracting Local Audiences
GMB SEO service
Stand Out in the Local Market

A well-structured GMB SEO service improves your online visibility in local search results and enhances your ranking. So, you can conquer the local market while keeping a tab on your competitors.

Attract More Traffic
Attract More Traffic

Optimizing your GMB profile enables local audiences to reach you easily. It is highly effective for any small business in establishing an influential traffic drive, increasing the prospects of conversions and sales.

Rank Higher
Rank Higher

GMB SEO is an incredible tool to improve your website ranking. An impressive GMB account helps audiences learn more about your company and locate it easily on Google Maps, encouraging higher engagement.

More Local Leads
Convert More Leads

Do you know people trust businesses they can easily find on Google Maps? With a fully-optimized GMB profile, you get an opportunity to convert leads into new consumers, generating more revenue.

More Reviews
Receive More Reviews

Reviews are a driving factor in enhancing rankings and conversions. Optimizing your Google My Business aids review management where you can interact with your consumers and build a positive reputation.

Build Relationship
Relationship Building

Through customized GMB optimization services, you can encourage your target audiences to leave queries and feedback without meeting them personally. It promotes a great first impression, which helps in building long-term relationships.

  • Looking For More Business & Revenue? Get Started Today!

How Do We Perform GMB SEO?

SEO for Google My Business proposes an extensive range of benefits, unlocking the door to explore the vast prospects aiding in the growth and expansion of businesses. This free tool offered by Google is seamlessly helpful in setting up a strong digital footprint, even for companies with less brand image in the market. Thus, apart from being cost-effective, you can earn the trust of your audiences and enrol in decision-making!

Whenever users perform local searches like “near me” or “nearby”, the local map listings on Google search results are the first thing they see. In fact, 86% of consumers use Google Maps to find a local business! So, will it not be incredible if your business appears on Google Maps?

This is where the expertise of Black Marlin Technologies comes in! Our team of highly skilled professionals perform comprehensive Google Map SEO while managing your Google My Business account effortlessly. We optimize your GMB profile for higher audience engagement, increased lead generation, and creating a superior brand image.

Let’s dive deeper into the process!

Manage Online Presence and Improve Visibility Dramatically

When it is about marketing your business online, nothing compares to a Google My Business account! It is the easiest way to get noticed online in Google search results and Google Maps. For an effective local SEO, your GMB account plays a crucial role as it increases the chances of appearing in local searches.

Thus, we create a fully-optimized GMB account providing all the details about your business, including your working hours, location, contact details, service descriptions, images, messaging preferences, etc. It will enable faster Google verification.

Establish Trust and Credibility and Enable Qualified Leads to Reach You Easily

Name, address, and phone number (NAP) are the contact details you provide on your GMB account so that users can contact you directly (if required). The NAP must be accurate in GMB SEO so that Google does not find the data inconsistent, restricting your online visibility.

So, we ensure that the NAP details are relevant and unerring so that anybody willing to call you or visit your address does not have to be disappointed. It drives away potential leads and generates a dismissive impression if your NAP is not well-optimized.

Rank Higher in Search Engines by Exhibiting Your Activities and Experiences Globally

Including geographical metadata in your images increases their relevance. It contains the latitude, longitude, altitude, distance, place names, and more. Today, geo-tagging plays a significant role in GMB ranking because it enables easy sorting and categorization of visuals. Also, geo-tagging images make your GMB account more engaging and meaningful.

Our GMB SEO experts enhance your GMB profile with precise geo-tagging strategies so that audiences find the information more reliable and accurate. Users searching for local information acquire tremendous benefits from geo-tagging.

Understand Performance Metrics to Stay Ahead in the Digital Competition

Similar to any other SEO reporting, GMB tracking is also of utmost necessity to assess your profile performance. The results can help you upgrade your profile for higher ranking and online visibility. These analytics are highly helpful in tracking conversions and ROI from your GMB account.

Our GMB optimization services are incomplete without tracking and reporting. We employ some key data points to track your profile performance, which includes calls, messages, bookings, interactions, website clicks, and directions. The data helps us to make improvements and beat the local competition.

Why Do You Need GMB Optimization Services for Local SEO?

Google My Business Optimization

In this digital era, a prominent online presence is obligatory to mark your brand’s existence. It also boosts its reputation, making room for a distinctive position in the online market. The process involves optimizing your website for search engines and users. We call it SEO. Needless to say, local SEO is the essence of a successful SEO strategy. It allows your website to be found by users during a local search. For any business, targeting the local market establishes market dominance by attracting more traffic. One of the best ways to do it is GMB SEO!

GMB proposes excellent opportunities to boost a brand’s digital presence and connect to potential consumers. GMB ranking affects your local SEO exponentially. From leveraging valuable insights to enhancing your business’s visibility, Google My Business is an essential tool for an impactful local SEO strategy.

  • Enhanced Local Presence: GMB allows potential consumers to find your business during a local online search. So, GMB optimization increases your chances of appearing in the local search realm.
  • Increased Online Visibility: Google prioritizes GMB listings for local searches. A well-optimized GMB listing attracts local audiences, increasing your online visibility.
  • Higher Audience Engagement: GMB enables users to leave comments and post reviews. It is a remarkable feature since you can interact with audiences directly.
  • Visual Impact: You can exhibit photos and videos on your GMB profile that impose a captivating impression. Undoubtedly, it easily captures audiences’ attention!
  • Online Reputation Management: Through customer feedback and online reviews in GMB, you can manage your brand’s online reputation effectively. Replying to reviews and prompt messaging helps you build a positive image.
  • Earn Trust and Credibility: By retaining the consistency and accuracy of the information in your GMB listing, you establish trust and credibility among the audiences. After all, audiences find GMB listings reliable and reputed.

GMB SEO Service Provided by Black Marlin Technologies

Local Keyword Research
Local Keyword Research
Local SEO Audit
Local SEO Audit
GMB Listing Optimization
GMB Listing Optimization
Citation Building
Citation Building
GMB Post Update
GMB Post Update
Monthly Reporting
Monthly Reporting

We at Black Marlin Technologies propose tailor-made GMB optimization solutions to our clients based on the size of the business and its industrial competition. Nonetheless, we prioritize our client’s goals before we set out our GMB strategy. In all aspects, our experts ensure that your GMB listing ranks well in the local search and that your business always shows up on Google Maps!

  • Starter Package:The basic package includes setting up your GMB account, adding a logo and banner, publishing 2 Google posts weekly, adding Q/A, tracking and reporting. You get it for $149 monthly.
  • Bronze Package:Along with the basic features, you get the publication of 3 Google posts weekly, uploading of HD photos, services, and fortnightly reporting. The Bronze package comes for $275 monthly.
  • Silver Package:It offers additional benefits like 4 Google posts weekly, monitoring, and weekly reporting. The Silver package costs $399 monthly.
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Yes. GMB rankings affect your overall SEO performance. If your GMB listing appears in local search and Google Maps, you have higher visibility, increased leads, and enhanced business reputation. It has a positive impact on your SEO strategy.

Optimizing your Google My Business profile enables search engines to easily find your business among the vast crowd. Your profile becomes more visible, engaging, and impactful. GMB SEO is essential to establish a potential online presence in the local search.

You are losing your rankings because, technically, you cannot administer your GMB listing which affects your SEO drastically. GMB optimization can get you back in the game, encouraging higher ranking, increased visibility, and more traffic.

YIf you are an SEO specialist, you definitely can! But, if you aren’t, it’s best left to the professionals because they are aware of the trends and the tactics that work and don’t. It is not just about uploading photos or adding your business location. It has a lot to do with local SEO.

Yes. GMB SEO is incredibly beneficial to businesses of all sizes. Local audiences can easily reach out to you while performing a local search for businesses offering services similar to yours. Mostly, people willing to buy something look for local businesses. So, you do get qualified leads.

You must dedicate 4-5 months to get measurable results. However, with a good SEO, it may take less time.

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