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Instagram has become one of the favorite platforms for small business owners due to its ease of use. Marketing creatives love Instagram due to the commitment to authentic and genuine image sharing. The official Instagram feeds are full of branded product packaging images, employee activities, and company swag. In today’s competitive world, Instagram marketing will offer the business the required edge to win customers and outsmart your rivalries.

At Black Marlin Technologies, we include a team of analysts and marketers who are experienced enough to handle this complicated at a minimal Instagram ad in India. We passionately develop comprehensive marketing strategies, helping the clients grab customers, capture leads, and add tangible value to your branding. We deliver complete data and reporting as evidence against everything we do.

From examining your existing Instagram marketing strategy to the best techniques implementation and selection, our team implements the best advertisement campaigns for the client. As one of the best Instagram growth agencies in India, we deliver tangible results and full transparency to the clients at an affordable Instagram sponsored post cost in India.

Reasons to Promote Your Business by Paying lower price for Instagram ads

Do you want to introduce your brand or products in front of a massive audience? Do you need to build a giant and strong customer base interested in your services or products? Are you struggling to achieve a higher ROI on marketing investments? If yes, hiring Instagram Paid Ads Services in India is the only solution for all the above questions. If you are still skeptical in your mind as to why to promote your business on Instagram, then the below numbers might change your mind.

Well, you might be wondering, with such high benefits, the Instagram ads price in India will be sky-high. But it is not, and the marketing strategies offer outstanding results if done correctly. Constant performance monitoring and calculating the return of the client investment have made us one of the renowned Instagram marketing agencies in India.

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Different Types of Instagram Paid Ads Services in India by BMT

At Black Marlin Technologies, we offer well-proven and successful marketing strategies for the client at unbelievable Instagram ads price. We provide tailor-made campaigns for the client brands that align with their strategic and marketing objectives within a pocket-friendly budget. We implement the best combination of influencer marketing and Instagram ads to a greater audience and foster company advocacy.

Through powerful CTAs and targeted hashtags, we will get your products or services in the eyes of the correct audience and help you to drive more traffic to your official website. We set some measurable KPIs for the Instagram paid ad campaigns like phone inquiries, online sales, email signups, and bookings. As a result-centric Instagram marketing company in India, our team focuses on creating winning strategies based on facts and not intuition.

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Instagram FAQs

Yes, we can create an ad campaign on Instagram, even if you do not have an account in it. All we will need is a Facebook page for the job. We will use your Facebook profile photo and Page name for creating the ad.
Instagram ads usually appear only in the app on iOS and Android devices. However, people accessing Instagram through the desktop will not see your advertisements.
As a well-known Instagram marketing agency in India, we strictly follow all the rules and regulations for ad creation. We create user-centric content and lead-generating keywords to connect with the audience, globally and locally. The average price for Instagram ads is also dependent on the age group and the keyword you are targeting.
The Instagram ads price is dependent on two types: CPM or cost per mille and CPC or Cost per click. The average price for CPC varies from 0.20 to 0.80 dollars and CPM up to 5 dollars. However, the Instagram sponsored post cost in India is nothing compared to the high ROI you will get in return.
As one of the top Instagram growth agencies in India, we manage your ad campaign in detail. We control the spend price for Instagram ads every day, add extensions, bidding methods, and even the time of the day where the advertisement will get maximum reach to the niche audience.
Instagram ad campaigns are the best ways to enhance your sales. It will help you in creating brand awareness and exposure. In simple words, it will create popularity among Instagram audiences. The best Instagram marketing agency in India will help you acquire new followers for your brand and achieve more traffic to the website.
We have gained quite a reputation as an Instagram growth agency in India because of our expertise, experience, skills, and successful track record. We will guide your company through the complex process of social media marketing at an optimal cost of an Instagram-sponsored post in India.

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