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LinkedIn Ads Management Services

LinkedIn Ads Management Services

LinkedIn Ads Management Services

LinkedIn has immensely grown with over 600 million professionals from all over the globe since its launch in 2003. Thus one of the best ways to promote your business is through LinkedIn Paid Ads Management Services in India. In many ways, it has become one of the leading professional networks and software, connecting different skilled individuals. It is also primarily used for employment and business networking.

Through Paid advertisements on LinkedIn, you can grab the focus of many top decision-makers for working professionals on this largest social media channel. LinkedIn advertisements are very efficient, both from a PPC and social perspective. So, if you want to increase quality leads or sales while creating a solid customer foundation in business, then Black Marlin Technologies will assist you in LinkedIn ads management.

Black Marlin Technologies is a specialized LinkedIn advertisement agency. Our marketing and expertise strategies will assist you in creating the best ads in India for the correct brand representation. We include a customer-centric and well-focused approach to website promotion. Our company is an official LinkedIn advertising partner for many renowned brands with the support of a dedicated team and manager.

How Black Marlin Technologies Create a Successful LinkedIn Ad Campaign?

Black Marlin Technologies always remain updated with the latest news and algorithm changes, offering the best LinkedIn -Ads Management Services in India. It helps us create the top sample LinkedIn ads for the clients before running a full-fledged advertising campaign. It will offer the best outcome for your company. Since more than 60% of the B2B leads can come from LinkedIn, there is a higher chance to get potential conversions from the clicks.

The paid advertisements on LinkedIn offer you the best chances of converting an individual interested in your business to a long-term client. Our LinkedIn experts will make sure your ad campaign is always at the forefront of the social media platform and always keeps your brand on the pulse. Our LinkedIn ads management takes care of everything from campaign analysis to strategy creation.

We assist our clients in achieving their objectives in LinkedIn, irrespective of their goals like to drive traffic or create leads and brand awareness. Our team is always there to help the client with LinkedIn advertisements and reach their targeted audience in an organized way. We can grow your brand together by creating the best ads in India on the LinkedIn platform.

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Reason to select our Company for LinkedIn Paid Ads Services in India

Pairing up with Black Marlin Technologies will assist your organization in setting up some sample LinkedIn ads to check how they can be beneficial for your brand. We will help you in every step of LinkedIn advertising, especially if you are new or unfamiliar with this platform. Our professional LinkedIn advertisement team will make sure your campaign is following only the best practices and policies of the social platform.

Our LinkedIn ads management is always transparent in deliverables and pricing, so the client can know how much they have to pay for some specific services. We also offer daily or weekly reporting of your paid ad campaign’s current performance, helping you in informed decisions. We provide the following LinkedIn services to create the best ads in India.

LinkedIn Paid Ads Optimization
LinkedIn Paid Ads Optimization
Increase relevant leads and sale
Increase relevant leads and sale
Specialized targeting strategies
Specialized targeting strategies
Effective Cost Per Click
Effective Cost Per Click
Increase B2B Leads
Increase B2B Leads
build brand awareness
build brand awareness
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Linkedin Ads Management FAQ

The sample LinkedIn ads are an advertisement service offered by this social media channel to the companies. It allows you to display your advertisement to niche audiences on LinkedIn. All you will require is a valid credit or debit card and a LinkedIn account to get started.
Your LinkedIn advertisements might be visible on different website areas like profile pages, home page, search result page, inbox, and groups.
There is no minimum or maximum amount you have to spend on LinkedIn ads management. There is a one-time fee of 5 dollars as an activation charge of the LinkedIn ad account. However, while running the campaign, this amount will get deducted first. LinkedIn will not charge anything for your ads until this amount gets exhausted.
Cost Per Click or CPC is the cost involved for every click, and Cost Per Impression is the cost for clicking 1000 impressions. These are the two alternatives for paying for the best ads India. In CPC, you only have to pay whenever someone clicks on your advertisement. If you want to enhance your reach to the customer and click does not matter to you, CPM will be perfect. Here you have to pay only when your ad reaches 1000 people.
The cost of running LinkedIn Paid Ads Services in India is dependent on various factors like targeted audience, bids, campaign objective, and many more. However, the average cost of running a paid LinkedIn ad campaign is 6 dollars for 1000 impressions, 0.80 dollars for every send, and 5 dollars for every click.
You can use message, dynamic or text ads, sponsored content, or all of them to advertise your B2B services on LinkedIn. Sponsored content will directly appear on the news feed of the clients you want to reach. They are usually available in three different formats, such as single image, video, and carousel ads.
With our top LinkedIn Paid Ads Services in India, you do not have to worry about anything. Our experts will sign in to your LinkedIn profile and set up a paid ad account. They will select the currency and start running the ads on the platform.
A company page is not necessary to run ads on LinkedIn. You will only need a verified email address and LinkedIn account to start the campaign. However, if you want to run sponsored messaging and content, you will need a company service page.

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