By: Satya Prakash   |   Posted on: 4th January 2024
Case Study

Facfox Case Study

Campaign Overview

The client, FacFox, is a manufacturing company headquartered in Hangzhou, China. They offer manufacturing services to professionals, creative designers and customers utilizing the latest technologies for prompt production and doorstep delivery.

They approached Black Marlin Technologies to expand their business and increase their client base. Despite having a website, FacFox could not rank well in the search engines. It resulted in a significant setback because the company primarily focuses on online services. After facing many hurdles, they contacted us to help them acquire a competitive digital space.


When the digital marketing team at Black Marlin Technologies conducted a meticulous assessment of their website, they found it was not technically fully optimized. As a result, the page loading speed was too slow, and it exponentially affected the crawling and indexing of the pages. They were failing to rank in the top-rated search, declining online visibility.

For us, the primary challenge was to fix the site architecture. We worked on sitemap, duplicate content, URL structure, and canonical tags. Secondly, we discovered that the FacFox website did not have resourceful backlinks. Since link-building plays a crucial role in search engine rankings, it was indeed important we focus on getting high-quality backlinks. This was again a critical provocation. But, with a passionate and dedicated team of digital experts, it was only a matter of time before we witnessed measurable results.


To ensure a long-term profitable result for FacFox, the following are the strategies we executed:

  • Website Audit- Before performing any action, it was necessary to get a detailed insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s website. We could identify the keyword rankings, content structure, website design, website speed, conversion rate, and competition. It helped us to plan the campaign strategy that will work best for the site.  
  • Technical SEO- We discovered that the website design was not mobile-friendly, and its page speed was slow, too. As a result, there was maximum bounce rate. Our experts optimized the website structure, like URL optimization, fixing broken links, removing duplicate content, submitting site maps, and implementing structured data. It relatively increased the page speed and user experience. The website was also optimized for mobile devices and tablets.
  • Off-Page SEO- To acquire resourceful backlinks, we focussed on Google My Business profile optimization, local citations, and online directories. Alongside, our team created high-quality content for guest posts, articles and social media campaigns, which significantly improved the site’s ranking and earned organic traffic.

The Result

Google Analytics Report

Google Webmaster Tool Report

Google Rankings Report

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