By: Arpit   |   Posted on: 1st May 2020

Organic Search v/s Paid Search: Which is best to Drive Traffic to a Website?

Are you not sure about whether your business would be benefited from organic or paid search? Well, this question cannot be answered with a generalized answer. The solution will depend on the current objectives, situation, and marketplace. New startups can have a hard time getting kick-started with SEO, and paid search can offer them a fast track route to search engine marketing when done properly. Proper understanding of the prospective customers is the key to determine whether paid or organic search or a combination of both is the correct approach for your unique situation.

In this article, we will be going to state some advantages and drawbacks of both paid and organic search as a marketing policy and will also suggest you the way to choose the perfect channel for your company.

Organic Search

Whenever someone types a question in the search box of the search engine, the list of results that appear below the ads is called organic search. The results appear on the page of the search engines purely based on the content and quality of a website traffic. The traffic that comes from people finding your website from among the results is classified as organic search. The reasons for considering organic search as the most important source of traffic are:

  • Moving to the top of the search engine results is difficult through organic search, but once your website is where you can reap the benefits of huge traffic for the long term.
  • Search engines direct the authentic traffic to the most trusted website from the search results.
  • Websites on the first page of the search engine receive almost 92% traffic of the organic search results.

The only drawback of organic search is that it takes some time to get indexed by the search engines and begin directing traffic from the source. Thus if you are seeking instant gratification, then look elsewhere. Enhancing organic traffic and reaching the top ranking takes persistence, time, and effort but it is well worth it after earning the top rankings.

57% of the organic search marketers create the biggest impact on lead generation. On average, almost 14.6 % organic search has a close rate compared to the 1.7% leads due to outbound marketing. Each month there are more than 9.9 billion search engine searches. Almost 78% of the users’ research for various services and products online. Thus it is evident from the above facts that time importance of organic traffic is doubtful to lose its importance.

Paid Search

Paid search are those accounts where the companies have to pay to the search engines to appear at the top of the first page. Many consumers are unaware of the fact that these are paid advertisements. Paid search has become more favorable in recent years as organic search has become more and more competitive. Many companies are opting for paid searches that will list their websites directly on the top of search engines without waiting for the SEO to build up patiently.

The most popular platform for paid search is the Google Adwords program. It is the most commonly used advertising program today. When starting an ad campaign in Adwords, one needs to be tactful. A perfect paid search campaign can bring a huge amount of traffic to the landing pages much effectively and quicker than anyone could have gained from the organic search.


According to our opinion, an integrated strategy that incorporates both organic and paid search is the most optimal approach. Results should be improved in every channel by implementing both paid and organic search. For high growth and aggressive marketing of a company, it is always better to develop a holistic SEO strategy rather than looking at paid or organic search in isolation. Thus if you want to be successful through white hat SEO within a short time, you have to make an amalgamation of both the searches to follow your team.

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