By: Arpit   |   Posted on: 8th November 2020

How Your Business Website can be used to Build Trust with the Customers

Establishing trust with the customers is the first basic step in the journey of revenue generation. If consumers are not able to trust your brand or business, then they will not be willing to buy any services or products from you. As an owner of a business with an online presence, you need to pay heed to enhance the brand reputation and customer trust for the online business. It will not matter to the customers if the website is not at all trustworthy, even if you are providing the best products or services in the world.      

Reasons why the customers Do not Trust a Website

Below are some of the reasons which indicate why a customer cannot trust a website and will not purchase anything from it.

  • Offering a product or a service entirely different from what they have seen on the website
  • Losing their personal information to some other third party
  • A leak in the payment information
  • If received a virus from the website
  • If their email is jammed with your spam mails

Indeed, you cannot control everything bad that happens in the digital world but certain safeguards will provide the safest practice possible to the customers. The first impression is the last and thus you need to make an impression on the customer on their first visit only.

Ways to Build Customer’s Trust through the Website

In this section, we will be going to discuss some ways that you can apply on your website to boost trust in your business.

  1. The website should be secured with HTTPS

People tend to show full faith on the websites that include HTTPS security. You can check if the website is secure with https or not at the left-hand corner of the URL. If a green padlock is present, then the website is HyperText Protocol secured. Applying https will make your website safe for all types of monetary transactions and will help in gaining the trust of the customer in the long run.


  1. Rankings in the Search Engines

When was the last time that you have searched for something and clicked on the website from the second page of a search engine? You have not done it right? Usually, websites on the first page of search engines are more trustworthy and successful compared to the other pages. Thus you can boost the ranking of your business through SEO to rank it on the first page of SERPs.

  1. Badges of Trust from Others 

Badges from other websites are the most common type of endorsement that signifies that your website is safe and trustworthy. The type of badges that customers are familiar with is from Bizrate, Google Trusted Stores, and Trustwave. Higher the number of badges from the authority websites, higher will be the sources of trust among the customers.

  1. Display Your Entire Team on the Website

In most of the popular websites, the most visited page is meeting the team one. This is because clients are always intrigued to know in detail with whom they are going to be associated with in the future. By disclosing the pictures of your team members, the customers will be more comfortable appointing your services or purchasing the products. Also, add up a short bio below the photos of each employee so that the page looks relevant to the consumers.

  1. About Us Page

Clients like to have a full sense of the company behind the logo with whom they will be dealing with later. Here comes the role of us. This page will give the owner a chance to tell the clients about the organization, when and why it was started, core values, mission, and vision of the company. Customers are mainly concerned from the ethical standpoint of the company that they will come in contact and make a final decision. Thus letting them know a bit about your company’s principles is not a bad deal at all.

  1. Reversal of Risk

Reversal of risk is a type of offer that can provide some comfort and fearless shopping to the online buyers. The offers should be displayed in bold letters and prominently. Ensure that every product page displays these offers at some corner or the other. Some of the examples of risk reversal offer include:

  • Free trial for some days
  • 30 days money back policy
  • Lowest prices guaranteed
  • Free delivery and shipping
  1. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Testimonials and reviews from the previous customers add the most valuable trust factors to a website. People will be satisfied to know how the clients or customers have gotten along with your company or have liked your product or services. Showcasing the positive testimonials will prove the fact that your services are second to no one. It is also an awesome idea to include a third-party review system for a website like Goggle reviews. Thus the higher number of reviews you can get from the client for your website, the better.

  1. Transparency

Always be transparent about the company policies and terms and conditions to your customers or clients. Try to incorporate the links of the privacy policy links on every page so that it becomes easier to notice for the people who will be visiting our website. The website policies that need to be included are:

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Technical support or help
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Refund or Return policy
  • Shipping and delivery policy
  1. Display the Contact Information of the Company

Displaying the contact information of a company might also boost the trust of your customers on your business. By showcasing your contact details, you are inviting the clients not only to contact you but are also to make sure that you are not hiding away from any inquiries or feedback from them. According to a survey it is seen that people tend to get more leads who have a website with full contact details including name, address, and phone number than the others who just have a form displayed on their site.

  1. Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more is another way through which customers scrutinize the authenticity of a company. If you have an ample number of followers on these social media websites, clients will feel more confident in contacting you for business.

  1. Clean and Simple Website Design

A clean and simple design is another significant element to build the trust of the customers on the website. Simple navigation, lower loading time, and a mobile and SEO friendly website are more likely to attract more traffic than a complicated design website.


Now that you have come to the end of this entire article, it is time to take some action if your website is actually missing any of the above factors to build the trust of the customers. The longer you leave your online business website like this, the more you will miss out on traffic and revenue. 

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