SEO companies- helping businesses truly and forever

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The digital marketing agencies having offices in different cities help the businesses in staying at the top. The solutions they offer are very simple, transparent and they are built around the specific requirements of the businesses. They do not offer complex or vague estimates. They never promise results which they cannot deliver. These experts like keeping it simple and straight.


An SEO Company in India can help businesses at every step. Especially when you need to set up a successful business online, they come to your aid. Right from setting up a visually appealing and structurally solid website for establishing it in the search engines and social media, these experts will help you in every way.


  1. Search engine optimisation

    You can easily dominate the search with efficient and absolutely sage Search Engine Optimisation methods which have benefited a number of online businesses. You may have a look at different comprehensive solutions that these companies offer. Some of these are:


    • Goal oriented and measurable campaigns
    • Complete Organic Search Management
    • Social Media Integrated Solutions
    • 100% safe, efficient and ethical methods


  3. Suggestions for small businesses

    It is suggested that small businesses choose solutions which suit their budget. Rest assured with a wide range of comprehensive but cost efficient SEO solutions would do the job.


  5. Suggestions for big businesses and enterprises

    Totally customised search engine optimisation offerings for fitting the particular needs of businesses and complementing the processes. The success of the business is guaranteed.


  7. Pay Per Click


The Best SEO marketing India companies provide complete advertisement campaigns management services which comprise of keyword research, landing page development, advertisement development and reporting on each penny spent.


Some of these expert companies have an age-old reputation of offering the best SEO services in the country. These companies have worked for some of the most difficult ad campaigns on national as well as global scale. He continuously growing experience as well as expertise combined with the drive for staying much ahead of algorithms which they may serve better than before. They are smart as well as hungry to succeed.


Some of the exclusive services offered by these companies include:


  • Dedicated and exclusive account manager
  • Online projects management system
  • Extensive reporting
  • Customised reports
  • Long lasting results


A dedicated team of experienced and trained SEO professionals


Each and every client is assigned a dedicated Accounts Manager. The point of contact is certified as well as trained SEO professional with a well proven track record for managing the SEO campaigns. The client is totally backed by the Project Manager having years of experience.


How much time does it take to get the results?


Within the very first week, some of these companies provide technical on site review and strategy for keyword phrase. Within the initial 30 days, they start optimising as well as submitting to all the search engines as well as directories. Within the initial 60 days, the search engines and directories start showing results of the preliminary efforts.


What differentiates the service from the other service providers?


The best of SEO India companies have positioned themselves as what the SEO services might cost companies. They promote their services on Knowledge at low price platform.


HTTPS or HTTP: Which Is Better For SEO Today?

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Almost 3 years back, in March 2014, Matt Cutts, an American software engineer and is the former head of the web spam team at Google, gave the audience at SMX West a tip that making a site secure (SSL encryption ) was going to trend in 2014. He wanted to make sure that sites that utilize SSL encryption would see a ranking boost within Google, but at the time there were some individuals at Google that did not agree with him. But, only a couple of weeks ago, Google announced that using SSL encryption will provide sites a ranking boost within Googles search engine results pages (SERPs). Google also stated that the prime reason behind this move was over security and that they have started to see more and more webmasters adopting HTTPS.


If you have been doing online searches, youve probably noticed both HTTP and HTTPS sites. What is the difference between the two, and is it vital in terms of online marketing? In this informative post, we are going to tell everything, so read till the end.




  • HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol

HTTP is a system for transmitting and receiving information over the Internet. HTTP, an application layer protocol, that means its focus is on how information is presented to the user. But, this option doesnt care how data gets from Point X to Point Y.


  • HTTPS: Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol

The S at the end of the HTTP part of an URL means the website is secure. HTTPS was developed to let authorization and secured transactions. Also, exchanging confidential information requires to be secured so as to prevent unauthorized access, and HTTPS makes this happen. HTTPS is identical to HTTP in many ways, as it follows the same basic protocols. But, HTTPS provides an extra layer of security as it uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to move data. So, we can say HTTPS is just the secure version of HTTP. So, if users are guaranteed to have a secure website experience, then the answer to HTTP vs HTTPS becomes simple and they will prefer HTTPS.


Some Quick Facts about Secure Sites:


  • About 85% users would abandon a purchase if the data sent over an insecure (HHTP) connection, indicating that the site insecurity could impact sales.
  • Google Chrome labels HHTP sites as insecure and warning users that the connection is not secure.
  • HTTPS websites load faster than HTTP and websites with faster loading speeds are more likely to rank better in search engines.
  • About 40% of Google page one organic listing are HTTPS
  • Since 2014, HTTPS has been a signal in Google’s Ranking Algorithm
  • Over 50% of all desktop page loads are HTTPS connections, which is an all-time high.


SEO Advantages Of Switching To HTTPS



Switching to HTTPS will benefit you and the security of your site. Below are some key benefits:


  • Security


HTTPS includes security for your SEO goals and website by preventing tampering by third parties as well as making your site more secure for visitors. Apart from this, the encryption in the communication and URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) protects the transaction and browsing histories.


  • CTR


When compared to the blogs that do not run on SSL, you get high click through rate. We know that Click through Rate plays a big role in ranking boost.


  • Privacy


A lot of people believe that HTTPS provides protection only to websites using sensitive passwords. We really want to tell them that is it wrong. Even regular content sites benefit from SSL encryption. It affirms the website is the one the Web server must be conversing with.


  • Rankings


Back in 2014, it was confirmed by Google that the slight ranking boost of HTTPS sites. Therefore, SEOs and webmasters need to keep this point in mind.


The Process For Switching To HTTPS From HTTP?


The basic steps are:

1) Purchase an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address from your web hosting company,

2) Install and configure the SSL certificate,

3) Configure any hard internal links within your website, from HTTP to HTTPS,

4) Update any code libraries (Like JavaScript, Ajax, etc) and any third-party plugins,

5) Redirect any external links you control to HTTP,

6) Update access applications to redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS,

7) update your CDN’s SSL settings if you are using a content delivery network (CDN),

8) Implement 301 redirects on a page-by-page basis,

9) Update any links you use in marketing automation tools,

10) Update any landing pages and paid search links and

11) Set up an HTTPS site in Google Search Console and Google Analytics.


You shouldn’t be worried about switching HTTPS from HTTP as far as SEO is taken up. Google has been advising web administrators it is safe to do so for years now.

All You Need to Know About WordPress Development

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WordPress was emerged as simple blogging platform in year 2003, but it has been mature, stable and most widely used on the internet. This is the reason why most of successful businesses run on WordPress.
Why WordPress Development is necessary?



If you go and ask any pro-blogger about the best ever blogging platform, then you will get the answer as WordPress and same you will get from high class businesses. WordPress has transformed itself into feature rich and efficient web development platform after some recent developments and has been capable of supporting any kind of websites. The best ever thing about the WordPress CMS is that it is open source software which simply allows you to edit and tweak it as per your need and requirement rather than spending a lot of time to develop it from scratch.


WordPress has established itself as one of the most trusted web development platform in very less span of time and can be used to build any kind of website irrespective of their complexity and size. The CMS has been immense popular so that many companies have put their hands into customization of WordPress with premium theme and plugin development. WordPress is a constantly evolving platform that simply means it will provide you regular updates and support. Along with all these things WordPress has a huge support community which offers a significant role in creating platform more flexible, powerful and easy to use.


A WordPress Development consist of following essential elements:

  • Open source CMS Development

WordPress is an Open source software and lets you tweak with its system. You can create your own functional website or plugins system with the open source CMS development.

  • Installation and configuration
  • The other major development essential of WordPress includes the installation and configuration of WordPress on different hosting and servers.
  • Support and maintenance– Designing is not just enough until it is not fully taken care of the periodic maintenance.
  • WordPress web development– WordPress can be used to develop any kind of website and blogs for any purpose and in any design with proper functionalities.
  • WordPress theme development Themes are backbone of WordPress websites. There are many free themes available on WordPress but you can develop and use premium theme to provide your website a pro looking structure.
  • Custom plugin development– Like Themes, plugins also plays essential role in WordPress Website development. A custom plugin can be designed to do several functionalities that can be tough to code by many designers.
  • WordPress responsive web development– You can devise the ways to reach to the larger base of the audience by providing our WordPress responsive web development. A responsive website is most suited for any kind of device to run your website.
  • WordPress template Design– Templates are good enough to give the best look to your website and we will give you that look by our WordPress template design method. This will give your website a Unique and exceptional look.


9 Crucial Strategies to Boost Mobile App Store Ranking

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Heard about ASO? ASO or App Store Optimization is the process of utilizing optimization strategies on mobile apps to rank them higher in an app stores search results.
The higher your ranking in the app store, the better visible your app would be to potential users/customers which in turn would lead to higher downloads.
The first thing that Apps Optimization India requires is a crucial understanding of the target customer base. For developers, it is important to know the keywords their potential customers are using to search for apps similar to the concerned app.


According to Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches. This means that the best way for your app to get discovered is via app searches. We provide you with 9 crucial strategies to boost your app rankings in order to get discovered.

1. The App Design Elements

The icon/symbol of your app is the first thing that a user sees on stumbling upon your app. The icon you choose should be engaging enough to compel the user to open the app and download it. The icon should be such that it represents the essence of your app and clearly describes the function your app accomplishes. When it comes to the design of the app, the major focus should be on visuals and a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface. The app functionalities should be easily navigable and the aesthetics should be eye soothing.

2. App Downloads.

Under the normal scenario, an app from any App store company initially requires about 5k to 10k downloads in a short amount of time. Upon gaining a such number of downloads, the app starts appearing as a ranked app. This demands that you take necessary steps to increase inbound to your app homepage or the product page. You can resort to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), email marketing, or cross-channel collaborative efforts. You need to zero-in on the marketing strategies that would attract most of your potential customers.

3. App Description & Screenshots

The description of the app should be such that it clearly describes the task it is bound to accomplish. Try to highlight the significant technical features that differentiate your app that other existing similar apps. Your app description should create a value for your app that conveys a positive image.

Secondly, you must always resort to the use of related keywords and learn more tactics about how to do ASO. It is mandatory for developers to carry out market research to establish the most common keywords that your potential customers use while looking for a similar app as yours. Better the keywords in your description, better the relevance your app would gain during searches, and more would be the app downloads.

Moreover, the description of your app should consist of appropriate screenshots that depict the specialties of your app. Screenshots should be used to confer the technical strengths and qualities of your app that cannot be easily depicted via words. It is a proven fact that if the UI of the app is phenomenal, the chances of it getting downloaded is higher. And what better way to showcase your UI skills than through screenshots?

4. Social Media Integration

Social media has become an indispensable part of ones life which makes it the best place to keep in touch with your users and also gain new users. Keep your users and potential customers engaged and in interaction with you by promoting your app in the online communities. The online communities provide a perfect platform to build a relationship with your customers and earn their loyalty. You need to create trendy, eye-catching content for the social media sites that would attract customers. The social media marketing strategies that you design should not be over-promotional but yet describe the best features of your app. Your content should be such that it creates a necessity for people to download your app.

5. Consistency

The next thing that people look for in an app is active user/download consistencies through mobile application store optimization. Once you have reached a threshold for initial app downloads, you should aim to maintain a consistency of around 20k new users each month until you have reached a stage where you no longer need to draw attention to your app but people themselves come to download the app.

6. Valuable Reviews

Gaining genuine valuable reviews from users with a positive experience enables new apps to build their credibility. This encourages people to download the app. Apart from depicting a high recommendation status for the app, reviews also showcase the apps ability to climb up the ranking ladder. In the same way, a number of poor reviews would lead to a decrease in your app’s ranking.
Another thing that developers should keep in mind is to never publish fabricated or fake reviews as they reflect poorly on your intentions. There have been cases where such reviews have led to the suspension of the app from numerous app stores.

7. Essential upgrades


Reviews and suggestions that your users provide are a great way to launch new upgrades for your app. This enables you to continue providing the best experience possible for your users, as well as continue maintaining your app ranking. App developers should aim to implement updates on a monthly basis and maintain the effectiveness of their app. Also, being consistent on the introduction of new upgrades depicts a dedication to offering optimal user experience. As they say, make your customers happy, and you are happy!

8. App Indexing

App Indexing is another method of mobile app optimization that enables users to improve their rankings on the app store. App Indexing is a method that allows Google to index apps just like it does with websites. Direct links to the apps appear in Google Search results, where users can just click the content and reach the apps product page on the App store. So basically, for a simple Google search, content within certain app product page will also be displayed as results.

9. Understanding of the App Stores

Before you launch your app in any app store, you should understand the differences they possess and latest ASO techniques. Both the Apple app store and Google play have key differences that a developer should be well-versed with. Both the app stores serve the same purpose of being a platform for launching apps, but each put a stronger emphasis on different aspects of the app. It is vital to completely understand the differences in order for the app developer to efficiently optimize their app within the app store. For example, Google Play relies much more on the description of the app than Apple store does, while the Apple app store considers keywords as a better indicator of relevance.



To conclude, generating consistent downloads for your app might not be the easiest task but following the principles of app store optimization would surely enable you to climb the ranking ladder within the app store. Always remember to utilize marketing strategies and best ASO services that are in-line with your potential customers so that you are better able to connect with them. Also, keep an eye on changing market trends to provide a continuous stream of efficient app upgrades for your customers. So, use these critical strategies to boost your app rankings and gain positive reviews and make some serious app sales/revenues.