By: Arpit   |   Posted on: 12th October 2023

Add Me to Search: A Step-by-Step Guide

What do you do when you browse the internet for some quick and relevant information?

You “Google it”.

With over 85% of the market share in the search realm, Google is indeed the fastest and most user-friendly among other competitors. Apart from providing helpful information to individuals and businesses, it is power-packed with numerous features, offering an assorted search experience.

Today, we will talk about ‘Add Me to Search’, a distinctive feature that enables improved website discoverability and promoting brands and personal profiles with a higher impact on online search presence.

What is Add Me to Search in Google?

If you want people to discover you easily on Google search, there is nothing better than to register to Add Me to Search. It is the quickest and easiest method to attain online visibility on Google. This feature lets you generate a virtual people card where you can advertise your personal or business profile.

It is similar to carrying a name card in your wallet, only without the paper! Also, Google people card provides crisp and genuine information accessible from anywhere in the world.

Now, to understand the various facets of Add Me to Search, including creating a Google people card, let us begin by acknowledging its benefits and uses.

Understanding Add Me to Search Google Feature

The Add Me to Search feature in Google intends to ease communications between people while offering convenient access to relevant information about individuals. In other words, it helps you to establish a public search profile on the search engine, increasing your chances of getting found online across the globe. 

Add Me to Search is a potential tool for search engine optimization (SEO) proposed by Google, driving higher traffic to your online profile and keeping you ahead of the competition by expanding your reach.

However, to be eligible to create a people card via Add Me to Search Google, you must possess an active Google account like a Gmail address or a G Suite. The Add Me to Search profile comprises your name, job description, skills and qualifications, location, phone numbers, email address, social media links, website, and profile picture. The information must be accurate and convey in-depth current facts about you.

What is the goal of Add Me to Search?

  • It lets you go public, i.e., whenever anyone searches for you on Google, your profile appears instantaneously.
  • It is an efficient tool for branding through increased search engine visibility.
  • Your profile draws more organic traffic with higher chances of conversion.
  • You earn the spotlight by building newer connections and interests.
  • People can connect with you directly through phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Finally, it lets you have an individual identity, differentiating between people having similar names.

Thus, to discern, the people card in Add Me to Google effortlessly establishes your reputation with impactful influence.

Add Me to Search: Your Personalized Digital Business Card

What can be better than to be found on Google? With the prioritization of getting listed on search engines in the current digital scenario, anybody would love to be discovered on Google with one tap! Not just celebrities and high-profiles, you can also appear on the Google search with the Add Me to Search function. It proposes tons of benefits, promoting contemporary SEO services.

What are the fundamental advantages of Google Add Me to Search? 

add me to search image 2

  •  Boost Online Discoverability- Discovering an individual or a business is the prime concern for anybody. You do not want to miss out on your online search presence since it almost indicates you are nonexistent! Spotting you online is the key to marking your presence and promoting your brand. Thankfully, Add Me to Search has enabled the easy discoverability of your personal and business profile to millions of people worldwide.
  • Professional Existence- Add Me to Search is an incredible way to make people aware of your occupation, qualifications, and skills, which underlines your professional dominance.
  • Generates Credibility- If you want to build trust and reliability among your audiences, there is no better way than web presence. The people card in Google does the job effortlessly because the information provided is authentic and up-to-date.
  • Easy to Connect- With social media and website links through search engine submission, how difficult will it be for others to reach you? Alongside, it is not localised; you can connect with people around the globe!
  • Exposure to Like-Minded Individuals and Professionals- Through the Google people card, it is now possible to interact and exchange ideas among individuals and businesses with similar interests. It offers greater scope to expand and flourish.
  •  Quality Search Results- Website indexing and algorithms in search engines, including Google people cards, provide precise information, aiding high-quality, relevant search results.
  • Enhanced Search Results Experience- When a search query about you is entered in Google, the result appears spontaneously. It provides accurate and relevant information to the users, improving their experience and reaction.
  • Online Identity Dominance- You enjoy the complete authority of monitoring your online identity through the information you feed in the Google Add Me to Search. So you can solely create your digital impression!
  • Manage Your Search Result Appearance- By submitting a people card on Google, you can administer the look of your profile as it will appear in search. It implies you can control the way people perceive you.
  • Inspiring Professional Account- As easy as it is to create a people card, it is even easier to customize it. Yes! You can edit your business profile as you desire for a remarkable appeal and a potential impact. Whether it’s a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop, the card looks incredibly stunning!
  • Exhibit Skills and Achievements- Website registration on search engines, including Google Add Me to Search, helps to showcase your skills and accomplishments to influencers, entrepreneurs, collaborators, and employers. It is a positive aspect of your professional growth.
  • Increased Engagement- The Google people card aids in establishing a good consumer base and building relationships as you can easily reach out to target audiences. Clients looking for similar interests will browse through your profile.
  • Enhance Search Engine Visibility With Google being the top search engine, it is a big deal when your people card appears each time someone searches you on Google. It is a noteworthy achievement when you have higher visibility on the Google search platform!
  • Get Discoverable by Employers- Looking for a job switch? Need help figuring out where to start? Start by creating a Google profile. In other words, the people card is a beneficial tool for recruiters to find you. There are better chances of attaining the spotlight of employers.
  • Easy Hire- When employers discover an impressive digital professional profile, they are more enthusiastic to hire you. And a prominent platform like Google makes it exceptional!
  • Improved Socializing- Expanding your professional network for business growth is more viable through the Google people card. The ease of website discoverability helps you to connect with imminent contacts.
  • Strengthen Professional Network- Acting as a virtual visiting card, the people card helps you to showcase your company’s website and other social media links like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It encourages bolstering your professional network through an expansive online presence.
  • Get Google Certified- With Google Add Me to Search, you can earn Google certification that boosts credibility and helps you to steal the show! It is valuable as a part of skill advancement.
  • Showcase Google Approved Skills and Credentials- Google’s stamp of approval validates your skills in emerging technologies and your area of expertise. And what is a better way than to get your Google people card?

To summarise, people cards or adding you to Google Add Me to Search enables setting up better professional connections with an increased web presence while possessing identity authority. It can be used by anyone from a diverse line of work seeking to establish a bona fide online existence. Also, the people card aids web directory submission, promoting business growth. 

  1. Principal Considerations for Creating Google People Card

The Google people card was launched in India in August 2020, and since then, it has attained enormous popularity, particularly due to the sudden surge of digitalization. This feature is currently available only in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Since the people card is a virtual visiting card, you must provide accurate information about your personal and business profile. Apart from possessing an active Google account, here are some significant guidelines before creating your people card: 

  • Include information only about you and do not acknowledge information not resembling you or your profession. Google can remove you from Add Me to Search.
  • Put a recent and recognizable profile photo; it must not be somebody else’s. Do not mislead or pretend to be someone you are not.
  • Fill in the details appropriately, referring to the field suggestions. However, if they do not match, you can add free text.
  • Protect your privacy since your card will be accessible to anyone looking for you.
  • It must not contain advertisements or solicitations in any form.
  • You must not use offensive language, sensitive material, derogatory or offensive statements about individuals, communities, issues, or events.
  • Your Google people card must not in any way encourage, promote, or brace violence, hate, or illicit behaviour.
  • You must respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of others.

Now, once you are aware of the prerequisites of creating a people card on Google, here are a few things you must note down to reap maximum benefits from it.

In other words, how to make your Google card successful?

  • Always provide complete information in your profile. Insufficient details may prevent others from contacting you. Searchers will find it difficult to spot you in the crowd.
  • Publish only genuine and accurate information about your profession. Google may remove your people card in case of discrepancy.
  • Update and verify your card often to ensure its visibility in the Add Me to Search Google.
  • Include as much information as possible while keeping it crisp, neat, and straightforward.

How to Create Your Google People Card?

To add yourself to Google search or create your people card, you must have:

  • A mobile device or Google Search app
  • An active personal Google account
  • Web and App Activity alert turned on

Now follow these steps to generate your Google people card: 

  1. Go to and type “add me to search” or “add me to Google”. The first result appearing on the page is the website or the official application link for people cards. Click on “Get Started” to fill in the details. You can also open the Google Search app and search for “add me to Google” or “edit my people card”. 
  1. Fill in the mandatory details with accurate information, which includes name, location, about, and job. There are other optional fields like hometown, education, website, work, and social profiles. You have to manually provide most of the information other than your phone number and email address since Google retrieves them automatically from your account. For social profiles, you can link Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and SoundCloud. 

Note: You may choose not to display your phone number and email address on the Google people card. 

  1. After filling out the information, click “Preview” to check its final look. If you are convinced and do not require any editing, you are all set to go live! 
  1. Finally, save it and “Submit”. After Google indexing, your people card will appear in the search results.

Note: It might take some time for your people card to show on Google search results. You may require a more distinct profile intro if you share your name with a celebrated personality. Also, the search engine visibility depends extensively on the frequency of updates. The Google Search Console actively monitors your people card performance. 

  1. Eligibility Requirements for Google People Card

If you are still wondering how to get on search engines, the Google people card is a fantastic way to create a memorable digital impression!

However, to be eligible for the feature, you must possess a personal Google account and reside in India, Kenya, Nigeria, or South Africa. The language must be set to English or Hindi.

Your people card profile must include: 

  • Google Account- Since your people card will be linked to Gmail or G Suite, you must have an active Google account.
  • Your Name and Intro- Write your full name, including a nickname (if you have one). Also, include a brief and intriguing bio describing your interests, hobbies, etc.
  • Profile Photo- Put up a current and recognizable photo which will be displayed on the people card.
  • Location- Enter complete location details for people to easily find you on Google.
  • Profession- You must mention your occupation type and the organization or business you are presently in.
  • Skills and Qualifications- Fill in your skills, qualifications, and accomplishments for an impactful exhibition of your qualities.
  • Links- Link your social profiles, website, or blogs to the account to increase followers and improve search engine inclusion.

In a nutshell, do not skip any required field in the Add Me to Search Google because information is the key to boosting online visibility. You can, however, edit your profile whenever necessary. 

  1. Google People Card Not Working- Let’s Troubleshoot It! 

If you already have a Google people card and it is not showing up in Add Me to Search, try these steps to fix it:

  1. Ensure that your Google account (Gmail or G Suite) is active and is working properly. If there are problems, put them right.
  2. To have an operational Add Me to Search function, your people card must have all the required mandatory information. These comprise name, profile picture, and contact details.
  3. Sometimes, indexing my website on Google search may take a few hours or a day. With the regular update of people cards, changes often take time to appear.
  4. If the above methods do not work or you still cannot find your people card, log out of your Google account and search for your name.
  5. Despite making all the attempts, if your Google people card is still not working, contact for assistance. Write down your issue and submit it.

Note: Always ensure that you have the eligibility requirements for a Google people card (discussed earlier in this blog) before conducting the aforesaid steps. 

7. Manage Your People Card on Google

  • To Edit:

Whether you want to add a new professional acquirement or simply change the profile picture, you can make changes to your people card on Google through the following ways:

Step 1: Open the Google Search app or the Google browser on your mobile device.

Step 2: Log in to your Google account (Gmail or G Suit)

Step 3: Type “edit my people card” in the search.

Step 4: Click “Edit” on the top right of your people card.

Step 5: Change your preferred fields and tap “Preview”.

Step 6: If you are pleased with the edited card, save the changes.

Note: Your people card will appear each time you search for it (provided it is functional). You can find your Google account details on the “About me” page. 

  • To Remove Contact Details:

If you do not wish to share your email address and phone number with others on the people card, here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Open the Google Search app or go to on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Log in to your Google account and search for your name.

Step 3: Tap the “Edit” button on the people card.

Step 4: Delete your contact information which you do want to display publicly, and keep the field blank.

Step 5: Click on “Preview” at the bottom.

Step 6: Once you are ensured about the information, click “Save”.

Google will automatically update your people card, and the saved changes will appear once your page is indexed. 

  • To Remove Your People Card:

You may wish to delete your name from Add Me to Search Google or the people card at any point. The process is simple, and all you need to do is:

Step 1- Go to or open the Google Search app on your phone.

Step 2- Log in to your Google account.

Step 3- Type “edit my people card” in the search.

Step 4- Click on “Remove my search card from Google”.

Tada! You are done! Your name will no longer appear in the Add Me to Search. In other words, you have successfully removed your Google people card. However, to create a new card, you have to begin from the start. 

  1. How to Make the Most Out of Your Google People Card?

Seemingly, the Google people card or Add Me to Search is a remarkably efficient tool for personal branding and networking. It not only promotes your digital presence but helps you to establish a reputation and credibility among your search circle.

From website promotion on search engines to getting calls from recruiters or business collaborators, the people card is one-tap access to multiple features.

Nonetheless, with millions of such search results on Google, you must stand out for procuring maximum benefits out of your people card. These are search engine optimization basics.

So, how do you make your people card more effective?

  • Publish only accurate and relevant information related to your personal and professional profile. Provide complete and authentic details so that Google do not remove your people card if found fallacious.
  • Regular update of your Google people card is of utmost necessity to keep you easily discoverable by others. Being up-to-date helps Google to index new information, enhancing the visibility rate. Also, your card may become inoperative if there are no sufficient activities.
  • Always provide the latest information to retain vital connections and establish a strong network.
  • Refrain from adding unnecessary information. Since the search cards are bit-sized, you must keep the details precise and simple.
  • Most importantly, never publish somebody else’s picture! It genuinely impacts credibility and makes you a fraudulent. 
  1. Strategies to Optimize Your Google People Card

Add Me to Search is the simplest and easiest way to create your personal brand. The people card will make you the star of Google search results! Isn’t that a fascinating way to conquer the digital realm? After all the discussion we had, you are now pretty acquainted with this incredible feature.

But, when everybody is in this race to appear on the Google search, shouldn’t you try to make the best impact?

What extra can you put in to maximize your Google people card influence?

We have laid out some tips that are worth a try!

  1. Interesting Tagline- Your profile tagline gets you on Google’s radar! Keep it captivating and dramatic so that it easily grasps people’s attention!
  2. Exhibit Your Social Media Skills- A gripping Instagram profile or cunning Twitter feeds can take you a long way! Never feel sceptical about sharing these links. It is an effective strategy to connect with people beyond the Google circle.
  3. Be Insightful- Contribute to thoughtful discussions and insights as these showcase your expertise and provide an opportunity for searchers to advance their convictions. Blogs, articles, or guest posts- link them to your card.
  4. Be Creative- Format your people card using bullets, line breaks, section breaks, and emojis. It makes the profile look neat and readable.
  5.  Focus on Keywords- No wonder keywords are the base of a good SEO (search engine optimization). So, use them for better discoverability.
  6. Keep it Crisp- Put detailed information but keep it short and sweet. The readers must not find it overwhelming.
  7. Update Regularly- Update, update, and update! The more frequently you amend your card, the higher the visibility.


Creating the people card through Add Me to Search Google is indeed an effortless, effective, and influential strategy to unveil your identity to the world on the digital platform. You can barely spot anyone who has never used the Google search!

Thus, nothing can match the prominence of Google’s presence! The Google people card is precisely the tool you require to set your digital footprint! Take it as your virtual visiting card and mark your professional dominance! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is Add Me to Search?

Ans. Add Me to Search is a feature introduced by Google enabling you to create a people card, which is a form of virtual visiting card. You can create a personal and professional profile on the online platform for others to find you easily.

Q. What is the purpose of the Google people card?

Ans. If you want to be visible on Google search and promote your identity publicly, the people card lets you do that. It is an effective tool to generate your online existence and extend networking while focussing on building an impactful reputation.

Q. What do I need to create a people card?

Ans. The feature is available only on mobile devices, and you must possess an active Google account (Gmail or G Suite. Also, you must be located in India, Kenya, Nigeria, or South Africa and have your language set to English or Hindi.

Q.  Is my information safe?

Ans. Yes! Google practices strict privacy policy and you can be assured about its safety. Also, you can manage your people card. So, prevent sharing information which you do not want to go public.

Q. Can I have more than one Google people card?

Ans. No. You can have only one people card against one Google account.

Q. How do I ensure my people card is visible?

Ans. To keep your card visible in the Google search, add keywords, use accurate information, and update your profile more frequently. You are likely to be more visible in the relevant searches. 

Wrapping It Up!

All the lovely readers here, we hope the Google people card journey was exciting and inspiring! You are finally ready to grasp the power of online dominance as you curate your masterpiece virtual visiting card! It is undoubtedly an effortless yet effective way to highlight your growth and accomplishments.

Thus, no matter from which line of work you belong, Add Me to Search can always throw a spotlight on your personal and professional identity to help you evolve and advance.

So, are you ready to be Google-discoverable?

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