What Are The Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid?

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Effective SEO strategies are naturally the ultimate keys to good ranking. However, every now and then a site loses its ranking due to some unchecked faults. Here are some of the SEO mistakes that you should avoid when you are looking to boost your site’s ranking.

1. Trying to rank for the wrong keywords


One of the things that many people do when they are trying to rank their website is that they choose the wrong keywords for it. It is important that you do keyword research carefully so that you can find a set of some selective keywords that are going to be good for you.

2. Using Keyword Stuffing


Keyword stuffing is a strict no-no as this can get you a red flag from Google. Instead of simply inserting all keywords that you can find and create a spammy website or web page, make sure that you use keywords strategically and selectively.

3. Duplicate content


Duplicate content is basically plagiarized content that you can obtain from other sites. Make sure that you stay clear of such content as that can give your website a bad press. Instead, focus on creating high quality original content that can enhance the value of your website in the minds of the visitors.


4. Buying Backlinks


Backlinks can generate sufficient traffic for your website and provide you with a stamp of reliability. However, buying backlinks is a major Black Hat SEO practice and is therefore considered as a crime in the world of SEO. Never  buy your backlinks and instead focus on building authentic ones. Although this can take some time, this is going to be well worth your effort. Make sure that you consult with a link building service India company that has got many years of experience in link building and can create high quality and genuine links for your business website.


5. Only Focusing On On-Site SEO


Instead of just performing onsite SEO, you should also carry out off-site SEO promotions as well. By creating shareable content, promoting your website through social media websites, social bookmarking, forum submission, article submission and blog directory submission and other methods, you can certainly create a strong fan following for your website.


6. Not Adding Fresh, High-Quality Content


It is important that you keep on adding fresh content from time to time so that the search engine always has something to crawl and rank your web pages for. Not posting content regularly can only lead to your website’s ranking falter in due course of time.


7. Ignoring Your ‘Google My Business’ Listing


Not logging into your ‘Google My Business’ Listing can eventually wipe off the existence of your website from the online world. Google can consider your account as “unverified” provided you do not log in to your ‘Google My Business‘ Listing account regularly. This is mainly done to enhance quality of the local search results. Google My Business works as central data which is maintained by Google for your business. Therefore, unless you are there in your account regularly, you may lose your footing in the online world.


8. Not Running Regular Website Audits


Website audits help you to find out everything that is wrong with your website so that you may resolve them quickly before they take a toll on your ranking. So if you do not perform such website audits, your website may eventually suffer poor ranking and negative visitor response.


9. Missing Quality Links


Link building requires some earnest effort on your part which means that it is something that you can never ignore. The more number of links you have in your website, the better your online response will be. More backlinks actually show that the content and information presented in your website is reliable and has been verified by multiple sources.


10. Forgetting that faster is better


Last but not the least; you should actively try to increase the speed of your site so that it loads in less than 2 seconds. It has been found time and again that sites that take longer time to load eventually lose on their traffic. Make sure that you use Google PageSpeed Insights to know how you can enhance the speed of your site load time.   

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