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The great advantage of the booming ecommerce market today is that the entry barriers have been substantially reduced. You no longer need to arrange for land to set up your business or a commercial space to set up your showroom etc. All you need is a domain name and a website with adequate security measures, and you are ready to start selling online. The website will also need to have a complete SEO strategy so that it can continue to feature on top of viewer search results pages, and you continue to get profitable traffic who get converted into customers. Using Google paid campaigns is a way to ensure this, of course. But there are several things you can do without spending too much money.

Let us take a look at a few ecommerce tips you’ll need to promote your online store if you are not keen to spend money.


1. We touched upon this in the introduction, but it is important for you to understand this clearly. Just 20% of visitors who log on to a particular ecommerce site with a view to buying something there. The rest get there after searching on a search engine. So in order to get visitors, you will first need to have attractive content, but more importantly, that content must be search engine optimized, so that it can feature on the first page of the results page. For this, you must have a complete SEO strategy which incorporates keywords, backlinks, short paragraphs, optimized pictures etc.


2. The earlier scenario is when the visitor has a mind to buy something and chances upon your company or website’s name after carrying out a search. But often customers do not even need that they need a certain product or service. Unless you tell them what you can offer, they might not realise that that is something they need. For this, an updated and receptive emailing list is a good weapon, and you can send periodic mailers to them informing about your current products.


3. If you want traction and engagement on your website or social media profiles without spending money on Google paid campaigns, then you must get users to lend you a hand. You can’t keep on generating all your content by yourself, in which you praise your own products and services to the skies, and expect the visitors to lap it up. You must generate engagement on your social media profiles and on your website, so that the visitors there become your allies in the drive to promote your product. There are many companies which invite the visitors to their website to submit videos of product use, for example, and compile those to make an authentic promotional video.


4. How often have you found a nice looking company having some nice, new designs you like when you are looking to buy some fashion clothing? Right, quite often. But once you have chosen the stuff you want to buy, and tried to navigate to the checkout page, it required you to fill up two to three forms which took more than time than you imagined. Suddenly, something snapped within you and you simply shut the window and put off your purchase plan. The need to collect authentic information about your customers is a great idea, but collecting it just before the purchase is being made is a risky plan. You can simply take the Big 3 – Name, email id, telephone number – during check-out, and wait for a week after purchase to write a thank you mail asking for feedback, and also containing forms for all the other sociological or demographic data you need.


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