Why Does Your E-Commerce Site Need To Load Faster?

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There is no use of having an amazing website with poor loading speed. Customer will not care that how much amount you have invested to build your website and left your website if it does not open quickly on their mobile or desktop. It has been assumed with many ecommerce stores that they face the problem of huge bounce rate on their website due to poor loading speed and they keep losing business and trust among users.

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Page loading time is a crucial factor to stand you in the competition and get success in online business. Not only users but also Google gives more priority to websites who get load faster. In fact, Google wants to give the best experience to their users by reverting meaning full and fast websites. So, whether you are running an e-commerce site or any information website, you will have to give priority on optimization of website loading speed as beautiful website design is worthless if your loading speed is slow.

Now internet users are very impatience and they don’t to want to wait a long time to load the website. They want everything quick in their life. If they find any trouble to open your website, they will not take more time to visit another website and maybe will never return to your website. Also, according to the statistic, you have just 5 to 10 second to impress users to stay on your website. Furthermore, slow loading speed means that you continue losing trust among customers.

Reasons why websites loading speed is important

Ranking Factor – Google determines many things to rank any website and page loading speed are one of them. If you want to remain in the search result then you will have to provide a faster website to Google’s users.

Users Trust – Winning users trust is one of primary job of any business. If you would not be able to impress them initially than they there is the higher chance they will not buy products from you nor will they return to your website.

Bounce Rate – Slow page loading speed hampers your mobile traffic and more bounce rate is another negative signal for your website.

Poor Conversion Rate – Many buyers may abandon their purchase decision due to the slow speed of your cart.

Well, above reasons are enough for you to understand the importance of website loading speed. Now, lets move to tips that you can follow to optimize your loading website speed.

Guide to improve loading speed of your website

There are many website loading testing tools available online where you can test your website loading speed with the suggestion that should apply to optimize your website loading speed. We want to let you few popular names –

All above tools work amazing and can help on website loading speed optimization. Let’s take one from above and we will go to Google page load speed test lab. When you check your website loading speed with this tool it shows the score of performance from 100. More score means better performance. Well, the tool also shares extra information for improvement of your website loading speed. Like –

  • Optimize images
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Avoid landing page redirects
  • Enable compression
  • Minify CSS
  • And so on

Well instead of making use confuse by going into the technicality of all things we want you to follow our below checklist which will help you to provide the fast website.

  • Optimize your images size
  • Reduce Animation/Flash or avoid to use if this is not necessary
  • Remove unnecessary plugins that take longer time to response
  • Put all script in one place
  • Do not maintain up to 3 CSS files
  • Dont use iframe tag in your pages

These are some basic but crucial tips that surely contribute to improving your sites loading speed. At Black marlin technologies, our motto is to provide better than excellent services and helping you in every aspect of web related issue. Stay tuned with us for more informative content and If you have any feedback/suggestion for us you can write us at info@blackmarlintechnologies.com

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