New Online Business? Worry About How To Promote? Here is the Solution!!

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Are you new to the world of online business and not sure as to the best ways to promote your brand? Then do not fret as we bring you some of the best methods to promote your company online.

You do not have to start your company with a huge budget when you follow these smart strategies. By using some simple methods, you can reach out to a huge base of customers in a short span of time and increase your ROI. So here are some of the best methods of online business promotions you need to know about.


Use social media to reach out to people


Social media is one of the most powerful tools that you can use for promoting your website. Millions of people all over the world remain connected to each other with social media on any given moment of the day. Therefore it is hardly surprising that using social media strategically you can reach out to a huge base of prospective customers which would normally take you years to achieve by sticking to conventional methods. Well known social media platforms like FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat and Google Plus can offer you unique ways to promote your business that the customers can find really engaging. Since all of them have slightly different ways of working, you can start to use any one social media channel and then go on to other ones.


Come up with unique and valuable content


Your target customers are always waiting for high quality content and Google can reward you with excellent ranking when you keep posting top grade content on a regular basis. Whether you want to do some blogging, come up with unique videos, podcasts, write articles and design infographics, you can try out myriads of ways to draw in large volumes of traffic and establishing yourself as an authority on a given field. You may also work as a guest blogger for some other website that belongs to the same industry as you are.


Make use of SEO to achieve enhanced ranking


Many things have been said about the importance of SEO and while some may say that SEO is slightly overrated, there is no denying of the fact that it works as a perfect tool for all kinds of businesses that want to achieve success in the online marketing world. Unless you optimize your website for your audience, you will never be able to secure the sales that you have been looking for, even if your products are top notch. Unless you have the desired ranking, you do not exist for your target consumers. So investing in SEO is certainly a good way to promote your business.


Make use of cheap advertising channels


While advertising in newspaper, TV and radio can be rather costly for you, especially as a startup owner, you can achieve the marketing goals of your business through effective online marketing. FaceBook ads and Google PPC ads are some of the best ways to promote your business. You can also enlist your business with the numerous free online directories such as Google Business for Yelp as well as Google Maps.


Indulge in some guerilla marketing tactics


Guerilla marketing makes use of creativity and imagination to achieve the best results. It allows you to come up with original ideas which can provide you with the same results as a big budget for your business. Small business firms having limited budget frequently makes use of guerilla marketing for competing with the large business houses. For instance, you can come up with stylish artwork and advertisement designs to spread the name of your business across to others. You may also create a promotional plan where your customers can use your products without actually buying them. This can help them to know about what you have to offer which can eventually lead to sales.


Answer questions on online forums


Plenty of times customers find it difficult to understand how a product works or the best ways in which they can use them. In such cases, they may post questions on various forums and discussion websites. By visiting such websites and providing answers to queries, you can actually get customers get interested about your brands and its products and services.  


Why You Should Not Go With Cheap SEO Providers

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Search engine optimization or SEO is regarded as one of the most important methods of online marketing. However, the truth is that most marketers are still conflicted about the best ways in which they can implement SEO to obtain the desired results. The trick to have a well optimized SEO is often differentiating between cheap SEO from properly priced SEO. While most companies and marketers do not underestimate the importance of SEO, they are still unsure about whether they should go for cheap or costly SEO. In this article, we will have a closer look at the pitfalls that are associated with cheap SEO and what should be your goal when you are looking to find the right kind of SEO solutions for your business.

Cheap packages can never provide you with the standard SEO services

While choosing SEO packages, two of the main things that you need to enquire about are the production of top grade original content and link building. However, the truth is that both of these tasks are quite capital intensive and high on labor, which means that together they make up a bulk amount of the total money you need to pay for your SEO services. When viewed under such light, it is quite easy to note that the proposition offered by cheap and affordable SEO packages start losing their credibility. The main reason for which some companies offer cheap quality services is that they do not have the requisite capital and infrastructure which makes it impossible for them to create superior quality content that can help the website and its blogs to draw in maximum traffic. Therefore, these cheap SEO providers can never secure a strongguest post with the high authority sites. They cannot create long form contents which involve a comprehensive structure and well researched information as writing such content requires a lot of time and skill. Since they do not have such skills, time or infrastructure to come up with original, high quality content, they often remodel or spin old and existing content to create new posts which comprises theirstructure and grammar. This can not only hamper your market reputation but also damage your rapport with your customers.

Poor quality link building solutions will not help you at all

During the earlier years of SEO, companies choosing to use link building for generating traffic mostly focused on creating maximum number of links to achieve the desired effect. Instead of quality, the emphasis was essentially on quantity. Achieving the best organic search results was regarded to be more important than creating engaging content for the audience or achieve a sustained link outreach. However, with the evolving algorithm updates released by Google, such a strategy has become mostly outdated in the recent years. Nevertheless, cheap SEO providers still continue with this trend which means that you are going to end up with a bunch of links that would be of little value to you. Not only is your website and blogging section going to lack high-quality content, but your brand image is also going to face a major risk of compromised reputation. Google nowadays penalizes websites that have poor quality content and make use of mass link building techniques. These cheap SEO providers are not intent to create good quality content for your site. The links that they will build are also generated from automated software which is definitely not going to help you to build authority.

Cheap SEO providers do not offer you custom solutions

Every business is different and so the strategies used for promoting it should also be different. When you are looking to reach out to a large target base of audience, you need to have customized SEO solutions that are in line with the specific needs of you business. However, cheap SEO providers can never provide you with the customized solutions that would be good for your business. They are simply going to offer the same kind of SEO expertise that they offer to other companies which are not going to help you a lot. Due to this reason, it is advisable that you only choose reputable SEO companies that can offer you best solutions at appropriate package prices.

What Are The Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid?

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Effective SEO strategies are naturally the ultimate keys to good ranking. However, every now and then a site loses its ranking due to some unchecked faults. Here are some of the SEO mistakes that you should avoid when you are looking to boost your site’s ranking.

1. Trying to rank for the wrong keywords


One of the things that many people do when they are trying to rank their website is that they choose the wrong keywords for it. It is important that you do keyword research carefully so that you can find a set of some selective keywords that are going to be good for you.

2. Using Keyword Stuffing


Keyword stuffing is a strict no-no as this can get you a red flag from Google. Instead of simply inserting all keywords that you can find and create a spammy website or web page, make sure that you use keywords strategically and selectively.

3. Duplicate content


Duplicate content is basically plagiarized content that you can obtain from other sites. Make sure that you stay clear of such content as that can give your website a bad press. Instead, focus on creating high quality original content that can enhance the value of your website in the minds of the visitors.


4. Buying Backlinks


Backlinks can generate sufficient traffic for your website and provide you with a stamp of reliability. However, buying backlinks is a major Black Hat SEO practice and is therefore considered as a crime in the world of SEO. Never  buy your backlinks and instead focus on building authentic ones. Although this can take some time, this is going to be well worth your effort. Make sure that you consult with a link building service India company that has got many years of experience in link building and can create high quality and genuine links for your business website.


5. Only Focusing On On-Site SEO


Instead of just performing onsite SEO, you should also carry out off-site SEO promotions as well. By creating shareable content, promoting your website through social media websites, social bookmarking, forum submission, article submission and blog directory submission and other methods, you can certainly create a strong fan following for your website.


6. Not Adding Fresh, High-Quality Content


It is important that you keep on adding fresh content from time to time so that the search engine always has something to crawl and rank your web pages for. Not posting content regularly can only lead to your website’s ranking falter in due course of time.


7. Ignoring Your ‘Google My Business’ Listing


Not logging into your ‘Google My Business’ Listing can eventually wipe off the existence of your website from the online world. Google can consider your account as “unverified” provided you do not log in to your ‘Google My Business‘ Listing account regularly. This is mainly done to enhance quality of the local search results. Google My Business works as central data which is maintained by Google for your business. Therefore, unless you are there in your account regularly, you may lose your footing in the online world.


8. Not Running Regular Website Audits


Website audits help you to find out everything that is wrong with your website so that you may resolve them quickly before they take a toll on your ranking. So if you do not perform such website audits, your website may eventually suffer poor ranking and negative visitor response.


9. Missing Quality Links


Link building requires some earnest effort on your part which means that it is something that you can never ignore. The more number of links you have in your website, the better your online response will be. More backlinks actually show that the content and information presented in your website is reliable and has been verified by multiple sources.


10. Forgetting that faster is better


Last but not the least; you should actively try to increase the speed of your site so that it loads in less than 2 seconds. It has been found time and again that sites that take longer time to load eventually lose on their traffic. Make sure that you use Google PageSpeed Insights to know how you can enhance the speed of your site load time.   

Why Go For SEO Company Instead of In-House SEO Team

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Search engine optimization (SEO) has become integral to the success of any online business. So, if you are running an online business or selling online through your website, then you must integrate SEO into your marketing strategy right knows. But, the big question here is whether to hire an SEO agency or go for in-home team Businesses that are including SEO in their marketing strategies first time and don’t know anything about SEO, for them we have mentioned here top 5 reasons why choosing a reliable digital marketing company in Delhi is more favorable than having an in-house SEO team.

In House SEO Vs SEO Agency, Why Agencies are Better Than In-House SEO

1. Professionals With Expertise


Hiring an SEO firm means you will have a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge of the industry. No need to spend your valuable time and energy in hiring an entire SEO team such as SEO executives, copywriters, content writers, etc. Also, if you don’t know about SEO much, then identifying which candidates are best suited for the task will be difficult for you. 

2. Infrastructure 


A disadvantage of hiring an in-house SEO team is you need to create marketing infrastructure, which is a long and perplexing process. For example- If you want to start a business blog, for this, you have to hire a team of writers and optimize your blog platform. Also, need to create an effective content strategy, search for good topics, execute a plan for evaluating results, and integrate tags and plenty of other things. There is a need for an infrastructure list for each step. But, hiring someone means you can take benefits of the infrastructure they have in place, and letting you leap this part and start taking advantages from your marketing efforts faster.

3. Get More Variety In Terms Of SEO Strategies


In house Team mainly focuses on your company website, but SEO companies work for different and different organizations or businesses. So, they are able to learn new tactics to one business by getting a viewpoint from working with another company. Different SEO techniques services such as Google Ads Management India are applied to different businesses in order to get fruitful results.

4. Guaranteed Results


SEO service firms try to deliver the best rankings possible as they promised and to stay ahead of the competition. But, you will not see this kind of approach demands a dissimilar level of output and performance in-house team.  SEO and Pay Per Click ServicesIndiaproviders will track the progress of SEO ranking, PPC campaigns and other things as they are result driven.

5. Leave Your SEO Company If Not Providing Results


If you hired company is not providing the results you want or they have promised in the starting, you can leave them and look for a company that delivers. Or if the quality of their digital marketing work doesn’t match what was vowed. As you’re paying to provide good services, but when the services are not working, it is a wise decision to fire the company.


We cannot force you or tell you whether to go for an SEO company or for an in-house digital marketing team. Consider both the pros and cons of each choice to find out which one will deliver the best solution

Combined SEO And Web Design Together For Better Result

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SEO and quality web design are very vital to increasing your company’s sales. But, do you know that incorporating both SEO and web design together can make a great positive impact. You want your site to be high ranking in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., so as to be seen by more potential online buyers.  Remember SEO and Web design are separate specialties and each needs specific knowledge and expertise. Preferably, your digital marketing team has divisions with those specialties that work together so your site actually supports your business. 

SEO, Web Design

Website Design


A website designed beautifully and effectively communicates your brand message to the world and tells the story of your company describes your products & services and can sell directly online too. There are plenty of design techniques such as Keep It Simple, Unique Style And Typography, Make it Predictable and Web Animation that guides the user through your site and quick action including buying your products and services.



It involves technical analysis of your site and its content with an eye toward what your website must contain so as to rank in search results.  Many steps involved in this process and only the best SEO experts who are familiar with the latest SEO techniques can do it for you. SEO process: Audit> Technical SEO >Keyword Research >Location Demographics >Content Strategy >Content Writing & Editing >Ranking.

Your Business Will Benefit By Combining SEO And Web Design Together


There are many reasons on how your business will benefit from a strategic partnership SEO professionals and between web designs. For example- Your SEO will work best if the web designer understands what’s needed by the search engines and knows how to create good pages and navigation that make it easy for the search engines and your site visitors both. Good website design engages visitors and makes your call to action clear. Expert SEO should guide the creation of content while the designer decides how that content will be presented on the portal for best results. Keep in mind that working with a proven team that provides both types of expertise benefits your bottom line as this established relationship means better results and increased cost-efficiency than hiring separate SEO and design teams that have never worked together.

Use The Right Keywords


Keywords are vital, but it’s important that you don’t go overboard in their usage. Always use the right keywords to attract online buyers to your business.  Keywords must be the words people are using when they search for product or service online. It’s best to hire the best SEO Company to help you reach your target market as search engine optimization practices are changing regularly.

Make Your Site Responsive


Mobile phones usage is commonplace today so you need to be sure your web design is mobile-friendly as more and more users are going to access your site through their smartphone. Keep in mind that your mobile and main websites must have the same URL for SEO purposes.  Ensuring everything points to the same place will boost your number of backlinks, which is really good for search engine ranking.


When both SEO and web design efforts are combined, your potential customers will enjoy browsing your site and will certainly leave satisfied. Additionally, satisfied customers will recommend your website and your business to others by recommending you to their family, friends, colleagues or leaving positive reviews on your site or social media pages. Remember positive feedback from customers can greatly increase your marketing efforts, as your target audience will perceive you as a dependable and trustworthy brand.