How To Regain SEO Traffic And Rankings After Your Website Redesign

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Businesses generally decide to get a new beautiful website to make a stronger impression on viewers, provide better user experience, and boost their traffic, conversion rates, and keywords ranking. But often after launching a newly designed site, your organic traffic tanks and the rankings sink with it. We know that keywords ranking is very important in SEO and for online businesses. A reliable App Store Optimization Company Delhi can help you Rank good for popular keywords. Website redesign recovering your SEO traffic is the major problem in digital marketing.

Reasons Why Your Traffic And Rankings Drop And How To Recover

1. Content Changes

Content change is effect in ranking. Old content change directly affects any website ranking and traffic. So, if you have found that some of your web pages received high amounts of traffic, move the content posted on these pages to your new site. It is not a good idea to leave behind the good content that performed well.

2. Redirects

Forgetting to redirect to your new web site from your old URL’s will mean that back-links that existed for your site will send users to 404 errors. As result, your web traffic decreased. The 301 permanent redirects will help you to pass the old web page’s authority to newly redesigned web pages. Also, you will be fixed with this issue.

3. Landing Page Traffic

Decreasing the landing page traffic continuously is the biggest problem in SEO. Organic traffic is down when your website redesign. Apart from this URL change is another important issue to look at.

4. Technical Issues

Technical issues such as Crawl issues, canonical URLs, indexation error and Html error directly effect on your website as well. So, remove all these errors when you redesign your site. Your ranking and organic traffic will down if you do not remove.

5. Domain Problems

Suppose is your old address and you could have made changes (With the new website) to the protocol (https, domain or), subdomain (www). You will need to spend enough time to solve this issue or to put together the redirects as well as pay attention to the domain, protocol, and subdomain.

6. Backlinks Must Be Updated

Backlinks in SEO services are the most potential links to draw organic traffics. They help in developing authority for the webpage. If you redesigned your business website, then Backlinks points to your old web pages which need to be updated. You must always work on the backlinks or can buy quality backlinks to make the most out of website content.

So, if you are going for redesigning your old website, must consider all the above-mentioned things to recover the organic traffics and keeping top rankings in the search engine as well.

6 Reasons on Why You Must Have a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019

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The time has gone when marketing campaigns were limited to running ads on radio, newspaper, TV and magazines. But, today businesses and organizations are expanding their reach and connect with their target customers through digital marketing approaches. Using digital marketing strategies, you can optimize and take full advantage of the results of your campaign.

Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing Tips

We have mentioned below top 6 reasons on why your brand needs well defined digital marketing strategy to get more leads and convert them into your customers.

1. Provides You Both Direction And Focus

You will get direction and aims by building a proper strategy to run digital marketing campaign. Businesses that do not have a proper strategy will not have a sense of what they want to do online. Also, it becomes very hard to know what you want to campaign for online without specific goals, it becomes. But, writing a clear marketing strategy will help you tackle important questions, and you will know how to sell to whom, outline your target customers and create an effective digital programme and run a successful campaign online.

2. Help You Stay Ahead

Today, every business has its own website and will have analytics. But do you know many senior managers don’t make sure that their teams have the time to review and perform on them? A defined strategy will surely build testing into your programme, making sure that continuous improvement is possible. Besides, it will also help you optimize. A good digital marketing agency in India  will scale your activity against your core competitors to show where you are behind the curve and undoubtedly set out what objectives you need to hit online, letting you measure what is working and what isn’t.

3. You Can Track Your Digital Success

With keeping track of the digital marketing metrics, you get the correct measure of ROI (Return On Investment), as well as can define the areas of improvement and also work to make things better in coming time. You can check for various ad content and manage how your target audiences react to each campaign with the use of the analytics tool. Additionally, you can check the number of site visitors, page views, bounce rates; average time a user spends on your site, conversions or analyzes your growth.

4. More And More People Are Going Digital

If you ask people “Can you live you without your smartphone”, we bet that most of them will say NO. These days, more and more people are looking for more digital content plus want each of their purchases to be exclusive. Search engines are the most popular channel for search. According to a study, “83% of the consumers review websites for search while about 25% of consumers use social media to find new products, brands, etc.

5. Easily Target Your Audience

Digital marketing gives businesses new ways to target their target audience and build effective or powerful brand recognition. SEO services can help you to reach out those visitors who you have missed through engaging blog content, social media and search engines.

6. Get Value For Your Money


Digital marketing is affordable as compared to other orthodox marketing techniques. But there can be wastage over and done with duplication of activities without a clear strategy or aimed at attaining the same goals. Do you know this has been the case in many businesses where the same tools have been attained to perform similar assignments?  But, this can be avoided simply by using a clear digital marketing plan. Apart from this, a clear strategy will prevent a situation whereby inadequate resources are committed to planning and executing online marketing, so making it quite difficult to respond to challenges in the best possible manner.

Keep in mind that planning digital marketing strategy is not complicated. Just define your business goals, tactics, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and document them down the line.