Top 5 Effective Digital Marketing Strategy For Healthcare Organizations

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The healthcare industry is liberal in plenty of ways today, but it has been taking a lag behind when it comes digital marketing strategies. Even though not entirely influenced, several sectors of this industry are yet to know how a universal reach can be achieved through digital marketing tactics and approaches. In this informative and interesting post, we are going to address this big issue and going to explain how Digital Marketing Plans and Policies can change the Healthcare Industry worldwide.


1. Get Responsive Website


Do you know about one-third of patients use mobile devices for research or to book appointments with doctors? Physicians and Surgeons regularly use them in-office to help their patients learn about treatment, procedures, and medications and to access information quickly. Therefore, healthcare groups must consider the advantages of transitioning to responsive website design (RWD).


Best Website Design, Responsive Web Design

Though developing a responsive site needs more effort in the starting, it removes the need for a separate mobile website and provides a consistent digital experience for your target customers as well as making sure consistency on a broad range of devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. In addition to this, managing one site lets you focus on developing a single and powerful web strategy, which boost visibility, conversions, while decreasing expenses.


2. Use Seo Tool


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one the best tool of Digital marketing that every SEO services India company uses. You can boost your content quality simply by the positioning of specific keywords used by the patients for searches on search engines.


seo services tool, SEO Tools, Search Engine Optimization Tools

Besides, SEO tool is also more helpful to provide the best looking of your site contents, email newsletter, and information blogs. This tool increases the ranking of your web page on search engines. Every single SEO company India is using SEO tool to enhance their client business.


3. Create Rich, Informative And Quality Content


Once you have developed a responsive website, now you have to create unique and quality content for the website promotion. Smart content is one of the best ways of any business digital marketing. A big number of people across the globe search on search engines related to healthcare services and you can take benefits of all these searches with creating quality content that gives useful information on health treatment, procedures and advice and tips and many more.


Unique Content, Good Unique Content write


With the help of a great content or blog, health care organizations can make a strong relationship between them and their patients. Most of the healthcare centers and clinics’ are using blogs digital marketing strategy to increase popularity.


4. Know The Power Of Social Media


Today, a great way to engage patient is Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Leverage your Facebook account to post videos, blogs, news, articles, patient reviews & feedbacks and more. The power of the reference is a key in health care because patients and their families looking for diagnoses frequently turn to patients with alike experiences. In addition to this, social media also provides hospitals and clinics the chance to share patient stories and connect people.


Social Media Banner, Social Media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Social Media Marketing


These days a large number of people believe in learning visual contents through informative videos. So, if you are running your own healthcare center or clinic, then you can hire a digital marketing agency in India to promote and increase your business through visual video activities. You can also share your experience and services of your hospital or clinic with your target audience. YouTube is one of the best platforms available today for sharing your videos and get consumer popularity.


5. Track ROI Of Digital Campaigns


A key advantage of digital marketing is that you can track results to specific digital marketing campaigns. This is extremely to understand for healthcare marketing professionals what is working or what is not what needs to be optimized, how to use marketing funds cleverly for the best possible outcomes.



They would run marketing campaigns before adopting any digital marketing strategies and hope for good results. After that your hired best digital marketing company in India can build campaigns by using past data and adjust campaigns in anytime if they are not producing desired outcomes.



What Is High-Quality Content?

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So, everyone is recommending you to post quality content but do you know what is quality content? Don’t be confused we are here to help you. If we have to describe high-quality content in a single word that we can say that high-quality content is an experience. Yes, it is an EXPERIENCE, you prepare content in terms of videos, text, images to provide a better experience for your audience. But still, there are few characteristics of quality content that has to be taken care today –

what is quality content

Good Content Appeal To The Heart

Create an emotional touch with your audience. They must know how much you are caring about them and intend to help them with your products or services. Don’t forget that emotions are the great invention of god and it decides either you love someone, ignore someone or hate.

Shareable Content

When your content is full of practical values, entertain users and interested. It becomes sharable for users. You have to think why people share content of influencers in your niche and next to develop content in terms of getting engaged. Ask your self would you share content on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or any other social profile. If your answer is YES then its cool you have developed sharable content.

Relevant To The Target Audience

Content is written for a specified audience always performs better than content written for a broad audience. Always remember it if you want to get competitive advantages than you will have to be more specific. Its more appreciable If you show multiple points and research to your targeted audience with the help of images, videos, info-graphics, case-studies, presentation etc

Encourage Desired Action

Your content becomes more valuable once you add some action to your audience. Your audience will remember you if you engage them with some interesting actions and even when you answer them.

Build Relationships

The strong content work as a invitations to build more relationship with your audience. Each of your replies at your audience comments builds a relationship with you and your audience. This engagement force readers to revisit website to find more from you and also there is less chance they ignore post shared by you on social channels.

Search engine optimized

Search Engine Optimization plays a key role to increase search engine visibility of your content. Make sure to follow Google search engine guidelines. It will make it easier for the search engine to crawl and index your website content in search and artificial intelligence will do its job.


Well, You must have one goal to provide the better experience to your users by serving your web pages in search engine.

Local SEO Guide In India – Grow Your Local Business

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Local Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in the online visibility of goods and services in targeted cities. Like If you are running a business in Delhi and can provide services or goods to only Delhi’s people than Local Search Engine Optimization can work for your business growth. India is developing country and despite metro cities in India users are still not used to with online business. It shows that there are huge opportunities for business owners to get established their business online.

Local SEO

When we search for any service or products in specific cities, we use some phrased to find it. Like if I have to search electrician than I will be more specific to find it with location. I can type phrased in the search engine like = “best electrician in Noida” “electrician near me” and so on. It provides an opportunity to grow and increase sales of small and middle business like – makeup artists, dentist, painter, wedding planners, electrician, plumber and many other businesses.

There are a number of benefits of local SEO some of them describe below –

  • Affordable
  • No brokerage
  • Brand Building
  • Measurable

Local SEO Factors

There are a lot of benefits doing local SEO for your online business but it’s not easy like eating cake. Many businesses running the same business and providing services and only a few businesses can be displayed in the search result. Google determine various factors to rank the best website so that users can get the best result. Let see few of these factors –

  • Keywords in domain
  • Domain Popularity
  • Either business is verified or not
  • Geo-Tags embedded or not
  • Local address on your website
  • How frequency your website update
  • Verify location and ownership
  • What other people say about your services or products. Good review and rating mean higher visibility and trust.

If these factors make you confuse and you want someone else to take care of these factors for your website you can hire our local SEO services India which ensure you just focus on quality improvement part of your business and we take care marketing part of your business.

How Google My Business can help business in the search factor

Google my business is amazing services for small business owners. How about if you can create your own website in few minutes? Well, you can do it with Google my business page by creating a simple and free website with a form. Google My Business is a smart option that helps you to attain local visibility in search engines. However, there are lots of limitations and customization is not possible with a free website. But we would say it’s cool and very good for a try.

A well local search presence is all about providing valuable help for your local business. In long run we can say that by developing a decent website, performing local Search Engine Optimization marketing, you can take your local business to greater heights of success.

The 5 Most Important Things to Know about Brand Building

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A brand is something intangible asset that you can’t really put on your finger. It can be trust and credibility of a business in a market among customers. This is why most big brands or businesses invest money like water in the brand building. The primary reason for brand building is to improve the experiences that customers will have with your products or services and also the chance for someone to choose your products or service over someone else. Below we are listing some points where startups and small business must invest enough time and source to expect long terms branding benefits.

There are 5 important key points to keep in mind when developing your brand.

  • Market Analysis

  • Understand the market trends, competitors, and your target audience. Marketing research is highly recommended for all small business on a regular basis it helps you to measure your place in the market and helps you to set your own milestones. It also ensures that you are on track by comparing price, services, and features of your competitors offering to customers. Infect market research is a door to understand each and everything about the way you fit into the market.

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Decide on your unique value proposition. Ask yourself what will make you stand out. The term competitive advantage refers to a study that highlights all advantage of a company over other competitors offering similar products or services.

  • Brand Name
  • Choose a name that delivers your brand message, audience, and story. Your business name means a lot to your business when it comes to business success. It should be easy to remember and meaningful. You must talk with experts before selecting any name for your business.

  • Core Branding Assets
  • Create a logo that reflects your brand, services or products because its going to work as a signature of your business. A logo is something about your business that may leave in your customer’s mind even after buying services or products from you.

  • Online Presence

Establish your voice online and deliver consistent communication via social media. Social media is one of the easiest ways to reach millions of potential customers at minimal costs.

Why Does Your E-Commerce Site Need To Load Faster?

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There is no use of having an amazing website with poor loading speed. Customer will not care that how much amount you have invested to build your website and left your website if it does not open quickly on their mobile or desktop. It has been assumed with many ecommerce stores that they face the problem of huge bounce rate on their website due to poor loading speed and they keep losing business and trust among users.

how fast website load

Page loading time is a crucial factor to stand you in the competition and get success in online business. Not only users but also Google gives more priority to websites who get load faster. In fact, Google wants to give the best experience to their users by reverting meaning full and fast websites. So, whether you are running an e-commerce site or any information website, you will have to give priority on optimization of website loading speed as beautiful website design is worthless if your loading speed is slow.

Now internet users are very impatience and they don’t to want to wait a long time to load the website. They want everything quick in their life. If they find any trouble to open your website, they will not take more time to visit another website and maybe will never return to your website. Also, according to the statistic, you have just 5 to 10 second to impress users to stay on your website. Furthermore, slow loading speed means that you continue losing trust among customers.

Reasons why websites loading speed is important

Ranking Factor – Google determines many things to rank any website and page loading speed are one of them. If you want to remain in the search result then you will have to provide a faster website to Google’s users.

Users Trust – Winning users trust is one of primary job of any business. If you would not be able to impress them initially than they there is the higher chance they will not buy products from you nor will they return to your website.

Bounce Rate – Slow page loading speed hampers your mobile traffic and more bounce rate is another negative signal for your website.

Poor Conversion Rate – Many buyers may abandon their purchase decision due to the slow speed of your cart.

Well, above reasons are enough for you to understand the importance of website loading speed. Now, lets move to tips that you can follow to optimize your loading website speed.

Guide to improve loading speed of your website

There are many website loading testing tools available online where you can test your website loading speed with the suggestion that should apply to optimize your website loading speed. We want to let you few popular names –

All above tools work amazing and can help on website loading speed optimization. Let’s take one from above and we will go to Google page load speed test lab. When you check your website loading speed with this tool it shows the score of performance from 100. More score means better performance. Well, the tool also shares extra information for improvement of your website loading speed. Like –

  • Optimize images
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Avoid landing page redirects
  • Enable compression
  • Minify CSS
  • And so on

Well instead of making use confuse by going into the technicality of all things we want you to follow our below checklist which will help you to provide the fast website.

  • Optimize your images size
  • Reduce Animation/Flash or avoid to use if this is not necessary
  • Remove unnecessary plugins that take longer time to response
  • Put all script in one place
  • Do not maintain up to 3 CSS files
  • Dont use iframe tag in your pages

These are some basic but crucial tips that surely contribute to improving your sites loading speed. At Black marlin technologies, our motto is to provide better than excellent services and helping you in every aspect of web related issue. Stay tuned with us for more informative content and If you have any feedback/suggestion for us you can write us at

SEO is Not an Expense But an Investment! Check How?

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We’ve heard lots of owners say this. “My business doesn’t need SEO” Sure, it’s true that you can do this without SEO. However, only if you’re:


1) The most authoritative site in your industry OR
2) The most popular brand in your niche



Are you one of these two?


Unless you don’t belong to any one of the above two statements, you do need SEO for your website.


People have so many misconceptions about SEO and one of the biggest ones is that not every company needs it.


Let’s check:


SEO is not a cost but an investment!


Once business owners truly understand this statement their opinion about SEO will change entirely. It should be considered an INVESTMENT with a high return. For any commercial keyword you’re not ranking on page 1 you’re literally leaving money on the table.


It’s getting even worse. This is money that your competition is STEALING FROM YOU.


Did you know top 3 positions in Google get over 50% of all organic clicks?


Here is the statistics of average overall Click through Rate on Page 1 of Search Results below:


Page 1 Average Result 1 29.60%
Page 1 Average Result 2 13.10%
Page 1 Average Result 3 9.20%
Page 1 Average Result 4 6.50%
Page 1 Average Result 5 4.90%
Page 1 Average Result 6 3.60%
Page 1 Average Result 7 3.00%
Page 1 Average Result 8 2.60%
Page 1 Average Result 9 2.20%
Page 1 Average Result 10 2.10%

Statistic Resource:


If you rank there you will skyrocket your:


* Traffic
* Conversions
* Sales


SEO can help EVERY business but only a few companies will reap all the benefits! And by few, we mean the HANDFUL of them. SEO can get your site on #Google’s first page.


  • How did SEO work for you?
  • Did it work?
  • Did it fail?
  • Did you even try it?


If you have any question coming in your mind related to SEO, feel free to comment us below.


Either way, 2018 is a great year to start or turn the tables.

How to Deal With Hate Comments in Google Business Listing?

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Generally, we see that many of the Google Business Pages have negative reviews and Low star ratings, it may be coming from real customers OR the competitors who want to down-rate the company in any case.

Google Negative Reviews

What to Do When You’ve Received a Fake Review:

Responding to the reviews needs to be done carefully. Below are some of the tips which businesses whore going to start responding to the reviews so that you may avoid embarrassment and also maximize the positive effects on your brand.

1. You should not be defensive about the negative reviews: When the reviewer is completely wrong and even if he is acting like a total jerk. You will be writing what would amount to public relation content in the reply and it should be your best. Everyone experiences a bad day.

2.Never write response to the negative reviews while you are in a bad mood: Just sleep on it. Save it on your notepad on the desktop and read it again in a couple of days. There is absolutely no rush or timings written in the emotional moments are very rarely what you wish in the public view.

3.Keep in mind that the responses double also be read by your future customers: Over the past few months and even years, the homepage of your business would have been reviewed by a number of potential customers who would have made their decision of buying or selling on the basis of other peoples reviews. It is quite arguable that the work content that you will put as a response is very important than the content that you post on your business website.

4. Thank the reviewers for their gifts of time: It takes some time to leave a comment. Doing this signifies that theyre doing a favour to you and its your chance of shining by responding skilfully rather than cover and duck. Sometimes the reviews are as useless as rants. But, most of the people who read the reviews realize this. You have the chance of showing your stuff in response.

5. Short and sweet: Never write a novel, just try capturing the sentiments, transferring the emotions and simply move on. But, never copy/paste same response on various subsequent reviews.

6. Don takes the issues offline: Do not respond telling them to contact you for discussing each time.

7. Do not get personal even when they did: Sometime the reviewers write their reviews when they are ticked off and when they attack some particular employees of the company. Just mark them as inappropriate and employ established editorial procedure for removing them. Google does not want these types of reviews there either.

8. Set ground rules with the employees: It was recommended that you develop ground rules for the process. You might wish to delegate the review responses, but not till you have sense that the employees understand the significance of having some.

9. Take ownership: Youre responsible for the business and sometimes the business isnt just fair. You own the issue as well as the response to it. Many times the reviewers wish to be listened to and would remove the reviews when they want.

Guide To Estimate Budget For A New Business or Startup (infographic)

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Prior to start earning money one has to figure out the most appropriate figure for what to spend and where to spend. Creating a good budget can be key to the successful business because the budget could work as a roadmap for your company and set up some discipline to process everything. It is very imported to know about important components of a budget


  • Fixed costs – Ex -rent, furniture, and insurance
  • Variable costs include the cost of raw materials, inventory, and freight. Semi-variable costs –
  • Semi-variable costs are fixed costs that can be variable. These can include salaries, telecommunications, and advertising.

The following infographic can help you to identify the entire basic factor which has to be taken care while drafting a budget for your new business.

Why your SEO Efforts Fails

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Implementing the search engine optimisation strategies is not sufficient for getting you on first page of the search results of Google. With and effective SEO plan there are good chances that it is not working properly just like you hoped.Therere various reasons because of which your SEO strategies might fail in getting you the coveted first page.


Below are some of the most common mistakes which you need to avoid:


1.You are not choosing the right keyword


Stating the best keyword for your business may be a little difficult, especially when you are working in a populated category. Some of the most common keyword related mistakes include employing the single word keywords in place of the long tail keywords hoping to be noticed employing the popular keyword and targeting the keywords which are specific or not specific.


To give you the clear picture for Trademark searches, you can see that Google provided different results and not pretty sure that whether a person is looking for trademark agent, trademark services OR only wants to collect some information for trademark.



2.You are not employing the digital marketing tool


The digital marketing tool helps you in seeing whats working for you and what is not so that you know where are your strategies strong and where you need assistance.


Here is the list of top free digital marketing tools that would help for any webmasters to run a successful campaign:


Everything from goal trackers to analytic trackers falls under data visualization tool categories and all are important when you wish to see all your SEO efforts to succeed.


In case you’re just measuring the success of all your SEO strategies through a rise in your business, you might not realize the results that you are anticipating. Optimising the content of the website takes some time, efforts as well as continuous improvements. Treating SEO as one time project would just do this much and it is quite less.


An introduction to networking courses would offer you a competitive advantage required to fully grasping any kind of server related problem flagged on the website of your business. You should not let your efforts fail as you are not adjusting and adapting.


3.You are not targeting the right customers


Your SEO strategies need to keep revolving around what the customers or the potential customers look for while they require your products or services. In case you do not understand your customers, your SEO strategies would definitely fail.
Targeting the wrong audience would not enhance your business even when your SEO strategies put you at the top on results of the search engines. Similarly, if you aren’t appearing in results of the search engine, people searching for your organization would not be able to look for you.


Take your time for understanding the various factors in getting right customers to your site. An old customer would not search the internet the similar way that a teenager would. Your keywords should represent the correct audience that brings you good business.


Getting right SEO strategies takes the method of trial and error. With a good amount of attention and less adjusting, you would be able to find your own way towards the very first page of the results of the search engine.

Content Marketing Tips To Leads Better Conversion On Your Website

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Ever since the traditional modes of advertising began taking a backseat, the businesses of different sizes have started embracing the digital marketing strategies for growing brand awareness, pull the revenue and develop an impact.


While more than approximately 91% of the B2B and approximately 86% of the B2C marketers are employing content marketing as an important part of the digital strategy for garnering organic visibility, revenue, and traffic, developing a solid plan is important for conducting business online.


As per the statistics collected, the conversion rate of a website is six times higher for people who have adopted the content marketing strategies than the ones who have not.


1. Good quality content matters the most


You need to first understand that Panda which likes good quality pages and sweeps off the low quality content. Developing good quality content needs to be on top of the list as that is the only thing which you may do for hooking viewers and also Google. By creating good quality content, you can expect to come up with unique, interesting and valuable things. For ranking amongst high quality pages and also to be rewarded with a lot of organic traffic by Google, employ domain specific experts for getting fresh content for the website and concentrate on posting relevant stuff which sparks interests among the prospective customers.


2. Do not repeat the same music for marketing repeatedly


You must know that average customers are bombarded with a lot of marketing pitches from the beginning of the day. Nobody likes to listen to the same marketing music. You need to do something exclusive for standing apart and sparking interest in the content while also monetizing without actually advertising.


3. Get right mix between the content which educates and content which sells


Many a time, business owners are ignorant about the fact that there is a huge gap between creation of the content which educates the readers and selling the content which sells to the customers. Thus, they finally end up mixing both in wrong ways that affect the content overall strategies and fail in serving any purposes.


4. Choose the content type which attracts customers


Choosing the content wisely may be a difficult task but its the most significant thing which needs to be considered while looking to allure customers through this process and improve the sales funnel. You should always select the trending topics concerning the industry which is relevant enough for bringing in the value to the targeted audience and in turn the business.


Below are some useful tactics for emerging successful:


Researching the types of content which your competitors post and analyze their engagement ratio. Then, formulate a plan by properly comparing the SEO metrics such as PA, DA, external links using Moz’s free tool Open Site Explorer, etc.


Conduct a thorough research by using relevant terms which may bring traffic associated to your business domain that you are in. You should also observe landing pages for keywords you choose, see metrics and then figure out whats likely to be useful for you.