5 Small Business Blogging Tactics to Generate More Sales – BMT

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There are several facets of digital marketing that any good marketer would need to use in tandem, to achieve the best ROI on promotional efforts. Some efforts are measured on a monthly or quarterly basis, whereas others have a greater gestation period. Business blogging is one such long term example. You might not be able to increase sales immediately by writing a few blogs, but they help you gain traction, increase your followers, and also help cement your place in people’s mind as a domain expert. Because business blogging might not show you immediate results, it might seem slightly unproductive sometimes. Here are some business blogging tactics to generate more sales and keep your interest going.

1. You need to encourage organic spread of the blogs that you write. What this means is that it is not enough that readers like your blog or comment on it inside the blog itself. You should request readers to help you align your blog to the other branches of your digital marketing campaign. If you can get readers to share your blogs to their social media profiles, your blog can generate engagement exponentially. You must have a link to your own website for sure. Your own offerings on other social media profiles must also have links to your blog. When you are commenting somewhere on any social media, you might want to provide a link to your blogs if the blog would be relevant in the discussion.


2. You must remember that people will not buy your blog, but they will buy your products and services based on the impression they carry about your business based on your blog. That is why the blogs you write must tread the fine line between out and out promotion of your products and services, and totally broad based subject related blogs which might have no relation to your company and your products. If every one of your business blogs are about the industry in general, then you will gain acceptance and respect, but that might not help increase sales. But if you speak about your own products too much then he readership will dwindle over time. The right balance is essential.


3. Remember the blog is not a flier about your products, but at best might contain a passing reference to your offerings, as we said in the previous point. That is why the general interest or industry related business blogs you write must have enough depth to be able to add some value to the reader. This will work best if you think about what the reader would find useful, before you begin to write, instead of starting off with a list things you want to tell your readers.


4. We talked about the balance that you must strive to maintain between your product details and general information. Another balance that is needed is the optimal proportion/frequency of new blogs. You risk going off the top-of-mind recall of your subscribers if your blogs come after long gaps. But that is as bad a spamming your readers with more blogs than they have time to digest. Depending on your products, and the viewership you have, 2-5 blogs a month is a limit that would be most likely to get you traction without becoming overbearing.


5. We spoke so far about keeping your readers happy with your blogs. You also need to keep your search engines happy. This will help you get more readers in, if your blog has search engine optimized content. Aside from the actual content, try to pay attention to the SEO aspects of your blog as well.

Trending 4 Ecommerce Tips You’ll Need To Promote Your Online Store – BMT

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The great advantage of the booming ecommerce market today is that the entry barriers have been substantially reduced. You no longer need to arrange for land to set up your business or a commercial space to set up your showroom etc. All you need is a domain name and a website with adequate security measures, and you are ready to start selling online. The website will also need to have a complete SEO strategy so that it can continue to feature on top of viewer search results pages, and you continue to get profitable traffic who get converted into customers. Using Google paid campaigns is a way to ensure this, of course. But there are several things you can do without spending too much money.

Let us take a look at a few ecommerce tips you’ll need to promote your online store if you are not keen to spend money.


1. We touched upon this in the introduction, but it is important for you to understand this clearly. Just 20% of visitors who log on to a particular ecommerce site with a view to buying something there. The rest get there after searching on a search engine. So in order to get visitors, you will first need to have attractive content, but more importantly, that content must be search engine optimized, so that it can feature on the first page of the results page. For this, you must have a complete SEO strategy which incorporates keywords, backlinks, short paragraphs, optimized pictures etc.


2. The earlier scenario is when the visitor has a mind to buy something and chances upon your company or website’s name after carrying out a search. But often customers do not even need that they need a certain product or service. Unless you tell them what you can offer, they might not realise that that is something they need. For this, an updated and receptive emailing list is a good weapon, and you can send periodic mailers to them informing about your current products.


3. If you want traction and engagement on your website or social media profiles without spending money on Google paid campaigns, then you must get users to lend you a hand. You can’t keep on generating all your content by yourself, in which you praise your own products and services to the skies, and expect the visitors to lap it up. You must generate engagement on your social media profiles and on your website, so that the visitors there become your allies in the drive to promote your product. There are many companies which invite the visitors to their website to submit videos of product use, for example, and compile those to make an authentic promotional video.


4. How often have you found a nice looking company having some nice, new designs you like when you are looking to buy some fashion clothing? Right, quite often. But once you have chosen the stuff you want to buy, and tried to navigate to the checkout page, it required you to fill up two to three forms which took more than time than you imagined. Suddenly, something snapped within you and you simply shut the window and put off your purchase plan. The need to collect authentic information about your customers is a great idea, but collecting it just before the purchase is being made is a risky plan. You can simply take the Big 3 – Name, email id, telephone number – during check-out, and wait for a week after purchase to write a thank you mail asking for feedback, and also containing forms for all the other sociological or demographic data you need.


A Beginner’s Guide to WhatsApp Marketing

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There was a time when a Facebook window used to be open throughout the day on the desktops of many people. Then it moved on to smartphones, with most people accessing the internet on their smartphones.

A Facebook window was almost always open on the phones as well. But now there is a new entrant in this field – Whatsapp. Well, calling it new might not be entirely true. It is a decade old now. It was created for the purpose of making voice calls and video calls, and for sending text messages. An alternative to sending text messages by typing the message is to send voice messages by recording it.

The world of marketing has also undergone several changes over the years.It is no longer limited to billboards, print ads, and TV ads, but has moved on to the use of social media in particular, and digital marketing in general, as the most important weapons in the marketing strategy arsenal of any company. And people have only now begun to realise the potential of Whatsapp as a potent marketing tool.

There are primarily three ways for users to use Whatsapp. The most common use is the one to one chat between two users. This chat window also contains the provision to engage in video call or audio call with the other person, and of course to record an audio message. The second way is to communicate with not one single person but with a larger group of people (the specific number is 256). The recipient needs to be part of your broadcast group and should have your number saved in their phone’s address book. The good thing is that every recipient sees this as a message send individually to him, and a reply from him or her will also be sent only to sender, not to all. And finally, there is the group chat facility, also limited to 256 members, where all messages are seen by everybody.

There is a very high chance that you are already using Whatsapp as a user. The question is should your business include Whatsapp in its marketing strategy? Whatsapp is a young entrant in the field of social media but its best feature is its immediacy. Unlike emails, or Facebook post, or blogs, there is very little chance of a Whatsapp message going unread. As recently as five years back, people were likely to share news, views, music, pictures and videos with others using Facebook, but now most of the sharing is done through Whatsapp as well, and in many cases only through Whatsapp.

If you are a small or new business, and are looking for ways and means to promote your business, then Whatsapp offers a wonderful way of doing it, because of the advantages mentioned above. The benefits of Whatsapp are its immediacy and its high conversion rate. But you must know that a group communication is restricted to only 256 people at a time. So unlike an email campaign or any other social media marketing campaign, it is not suitable for a mass marketing effort. It is much better to use Whatsapp for marketing to a small group with a very specific message. This means that the usage of Whatsapp has to be very creative, so that the best ROI can be garnered from the limited scope.

Whatsapp too recognizes the unique potential it carries, and has therefore come up with a few tools to boost your marketing strategy. For example, small business owners can download and use Business App if they are using Android devices. Its early days still, and the landscape for Whatsapp marketing seems set to grow in the coming days.

New Online Business? Worry About How To Promote? Here is the Solution!!

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Are you new to the world of online business and not sure as to the best ways to promote your brand? Then do not fret as we bring you some of the best methods to promote your company online.

You do not have to start your company with a huge budget when you follow these smart strategies. By using some simple methods, you can reach out to a huge base of customers in a short span of time and increase your ROI. So here are some of the best methods of online business promotions you need to know about.


Use social media to reach out to people


Social media is one of the most powerful tools that you can use for promoting your website. Millions of people all over the world remain connected to each other with social media on any given moment of the day. Therefore it is hardly surprising that using social media strategically you can reach out to a huge base of prospective customers which would normally take you years to achieve by sticking to conventional methods. Well known social media platforms like FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat and Google Plus can offer you unique ways to promote your business that the customers can find really engaging. Since all of them have slightly different ways of working, you can start to use any one social media channel and then go on to other ones.


Come up with unique and valuable content


Your target customers are always waiting for high quality content and Google can reward you with excellent ranking when you keep posting top grade content on a regular basis. Whether you want to do some blogging, come up with unique videos, podcasts, write articles and design infographics, you can try out myriads of ways to draw in large volumes of traffic and establishing yourself as an authority on a given field. You may also work as a guest blogger for some other website that belongs to the same industry as you are.


Make use of SEO to achieve enhanced ranking


Many things have been said about the importance of SEO and while some may say that SEO is slightly overrated, there is no denying of the fact that it works as a perfect tool for all kinds of businesses that want to achieve success in the online marketing world. Unless you optimize your website for your audience, you will never be able to secure the sales that you have been looking for, even if your products are top notch. Unless you have the desired ranking, you do not exist for your target consumers. So investing in SEO is certainly a good way to promote your business.


Make use of cheap advertising channels


While advertising in newspaper, TV and radio can be rather costly for you, especially as a startup owner, you can achieve the marketing goals of your business through effective online marketing. FaceBook ads and Google PPC ads are some of the best ways to promote your business. You can also enlist your business with the numerous free online directories such as Google Business for Yelp as well as Google Maps.


Indulge in some guerilla marketing tactics


Guerilla marketing makes use of creativity and imagination to achieve the best results. It allows you to come up with original ideas which can provide you with the same results as a big budget for your business. Small business firms having limited budget frequently makes use of guerilla marketing for competing with the large business houses. For instance, you can come up with stylish artwork and advertisement designs to spread the name of your business across to others. You may also create a promotional plan where your customers can use your products without actually buying them. This can help them to know about what you have to offer which can eventually lead to sales.


Answer questions on online forums


Plenty of times customers find it difficult to understand how a product works or the best ways in which they can use them. In such cases, they may post questions on various forums and discussion websites. By visiting such websites and providing answers to queries, you can actually get customers get interested about your brands and its products and services.  


LAbode to Increase 85% of Keywords Ranked on 1st Page of Google and 105% Increase in Organic Traffic (Case Study)

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About Client:


L’Abode Accommodation specialises in short-term fully furnished stays for guests looking to holiday or relocate in Sydney. We endeavour to create an authentic Sydney experience where guests can enjoy high end comforts and unique local adventures.


Project Overview:


Before hiring Black Marlin Technologies, L’Abode Accommodation was not able to rank at top position in Google. Due to the high competitive industry they are not getting enough traffic to their website that can generate even a single sale.


The Major thing is L’Abode has 2 sides to their business:


  1. They provide property management to owners who have properties to rent out for short term/holiday/vacation rentals and
  2. They supply guests with accommodation


With this different requirement, L’Abode required the right team of digital marketing who can improve the rankings as well boost their Brand Awareness.


Campaign IDEA:


BMT stepped in immediately and prepared a deep SEO analysis report that included all the On-Page requirements and shared that to the client for approval ( as we do for all the clients) We made too many changes to the website to make it Search Engine friendly that included: Optimisation of Meta Tags, Content Optimisation, Sitemap and robots creation, Page speed optimisation, internal linking optimisation and many more.