A Beginner’s Guide to WhatsApp Marketing

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There was a time when a Facebook window used to be open throughout the day on the desktops of many people. Then it moved on to smartphones, with most people accessing the internet on their smartphones.

A Facebook window was almost always open on the phones as well. But now there is a new entrant in this field – Whatsapp. Well, calling it new might not be entirely true. It is a decade old now. It was created for the purpose of making voice calls and video calls, and for sending text messages. An alternative to sending text messages by typing the message is to send voice messages by recording it.

The world of marketing has also undergone several changes over the years.It is no longer limited to billboards, print ads, and TV ads, but has moved on to the use of social media in particular, and digital marketing in general, as the most important weapons in the marketing strategy arsenal of any company. And people have only now begun to realise the potential of Whatsapp as a potent marketing tool.

There are primarily three ways for users to use Whatsapp. The most common use is the one to one chat between two users. This chat window also contains the provision to engage in video call or audio call with the other person, and of course to record an audio message. The second way is to communicate with not one single person but with a larger group of people (the specific number is 256). The recipient needs to be part of your broadcast group and should have your number saved in their phone’s address book. The good thing is that every recipient sees this as a message send individually to him, and a reply from him or her will also be sent only to sender, not to all. And finally, there is the group chat facility, also limited to 256 members, where all messages are seen by everybody.

There is a very high chance that you are already using Whatsapp as a user. The question is should your business include Whatsapp in its marketing strategy? Whatsapp is a young entrant in the field of social media but its best feature is its immediacy. Unlike emails, or Facebook post, or blogs, there is very little chance of a Whatsapp message going unread. As recently as five years back, people were likely to share news, views, music, pictures and videos with others using Facebook, but now most of the sharing is done through Whatsapp as well, and in many cases only through Whatsapp.

If you are a small or new business, and are looking for ways and means to promote your business, then Whatsapp offers a wonderful way of doing it, because of the advantages mentioned above. The benefits of Whatsapp are its immediacy and its high conversion rate. But you must know that a group communication is restricted to only 256 people at a time. So unlike an email campaign or any other social media marketing campaign, it is not suitable for a mass marketing effort. It is much better to use Whatsapp for marketing to a small group with a very specific message. This means that the usage of Whatsapp has to be very creative, so that the best ROI can be garnered from the limited scope.

Whatsapp too recognizes the unique potential it carries, and has therefore come up with a few tools to boost your marketing strategy. For example, small business owners can download and use Business App if they are using Android devices. Its early days still, and the landscape for Whatsapp marketing seems set to grow in the coming days.

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