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There are several facets of digital marketing that any good marketer would need to use in tandem, to achieve the best ROI on promotional efforts. Some efforts are measured on a monthly or quarterly basis, whereas others have a greater gestation period. Business blogging is one such long term example. You might not be able to increase sales immediately by writing a few blogs, but they help you gain traction, increase your followers, and also help cement your place in people’s mind as a domain expert. Because business blogging might not show you immediate results, it might seem slightly unproductive sometimes. Here are some business blogging tactics to generate more sales and keep your interest going.

1. You need to encourage organic spread of the blogs that you write. What this means is that it is not enough that readers like your blog or comment on it inside the blog itself. You should request readers to help you align your blog to the other branches of your digital marketing campaign. If you can get readers to share your blogs to their social media profiles, your blog can generate engagement exponentially. You must have a link to your own website for sure. Your own offerings on other social media profiles must also have links to your blog. When you are commenting somewhere on any social media, you might want to provide a link to your blogs if the blog would be relevant in the discussion.

2. You must remember that people will not buy your blog, but they will buy your products and services based on the impression they carry about your business based on your blog. That is why the blogs you write must tread the fine line between out and out promotion of your products and services, and totally broad based subject related blogs which might have no relation to your company and your products. If every one of your business blogs are about the industry in general, then you will gain acceptance and respect, but that might not help increase sales. But if you speak about your own products too much then he readership will dwindle over time. The right balance is essential.

3. Remember the blog is not a flier about your products, but at best might contain a passing reference to your offerings, as we said in the previous point. That is why the general interest or industry related business blogs you write must have enough depth to be able to add some value to the reader. This will work best if you think about what the reader would find useful, before you begin to write, instead of starting off with a list things you want to tell your readers.

4. We talked about the balance that you must strive to maintain between your product details and general information. Another balance that is needed is the optimal proportion/frequency of new blogs. You risk going off the top-of-mind recall of your subscribers if your blogs come after long gaps. But that is as bad a spamming your readers with more blogs than they have time to digest. Depending on your products, and the viewership you have, 2-5 blogs a month is a limit that would be most likely to get you traction without becoming overbearing.

5. We spoke so far about keeping your readers happy with your blogs. You also need to keep your search engines happy. This will help you get more readers in, if your blog has search engine optimized content. Aside from the actual content, try to pay attention to the SEO aspects of your blog as well.

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