5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2019

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Digital trends change every year, SEO professionals should be well-aware of these revolutions so as to effortlessly adapt to evolving technologies and stay ahead from your competitors. It will help you gain a competitive edge and develop new ways to grow your business, generate leads and build a strong relationship with your existing clients. This informative post will surely help you to take your company’s marketing to the next level. 


We have shared top 5 digital trends that every digital marketing company or professional must to pay attention:

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1.            Voice search


Voice search came into light back in 2018, but this trend will completely come into its own in 2019. These days, it isn’t the only a mobile device that is driving voice search. But the propagation of keen assistants. The impulsion for voice search will be coming from the other end of the range, from online users who are starting to use the internet. However, no matter who the target customers for voice search are, SEO is one thing that is sure because we know it will change. Old-style keyword research will become outdated as user questions will be totally different when using voice search. Remember about 99 percent of voice search results pull from the featured snippet that means content writers will have to focus on optimizing their content for Google and other search engines to pick it up. Create unique and quality content for better

2.             Live Videos


Live streaming content is free and takes a very short time to create while it provides immediate user engagement, and audiences use your content based on your time rather than theirs. Live Videos has the ability to produce better impressions than blog posts published in the newsfeed.  It also let Digital marketing experts engage with their leads in quick time, improves their relationship with followers, reaches a wider audience and boosts their traffic on social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3.            UX and AMP 


AMP also refers as Accelerated Mobile Pages was a vital mobile ranking factor for websites in the previous year. The significance of AMP will not be restricted to mobiles alone in 2019. This is because Google recently made Accelerated Mobile Pages available for desktops versions of sites too. So, users now can enjoy the same speed and easy navigation that it provides even while browsing on their desktop.   With the introduction of these features, businesses now have to look at their website as well as how user-friendly it is. You may be able to enjoy superior visibility on search engines by making your websites AMP-friendly. Keep in mind that an improved UX can inspire them to spend more time on their site as AMP pages are easier for users to navigate through.

4.            Create User-Friendly Content


Showing your prospect customers how your current customers are using product is one of the best ways to market it. If you create that user-generated content, then you will get two benefits- 1) It convinces prospect clients and customers. Your current customers are marketing your products on your behalf with user-generated content. According to a leading SEO company India, “User-generated content has a big impact on the buying decision of 90 of people who most of the time buy online and 80% of people who are buying online for some time. 2) User-Generated Content impact on online buyers. You don’t have to spend on this marketing. Also, this type of marketing is more effective than most of the marketing platforms you use. Prospect customers are influenced as a consumer who knows his / her needs is marketing your product.

5.            Encryption


Keep in mind that digital marketing comes along with encryption. Today about 20 percent  (That’s not a lot of people) of online users, buyers, etc., feel that their personal information like their name, mobile number, credit or debit card information is secure online. This is one of the major challenges faced by digital marketing specialists.


So security and with better encryption, and rest assured, 80% of 0nline users will depend on digital marketing if they know how their personal information is being used.  Keep in mind that a more secure and encrypted system will rule the others in this year 2019.

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