10 Spectacular Techniques to Promote Your Creative Business On Instagram

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Starting and promoting your creative business has never been easier. With the beautiful array of technology now available, it’s really never been easier to not only list your own products but market them. 

If you’re thinking of or already have, started a creative business – one of the best platforms to promote your business could be Instagram. 

We’ve listed the 10 best techniques to market your creative business, using Instagram as a tool. 

Why should you promote on Instagram?

Of course, you should have social media accounts for your business. However, a focus on Instagram for creative business is recommended. 

To begin, Instagram itself is a very creative platform. From photographers and artists to designers and makeup gurus – Instagram is bursting with artistic talent. 

As a visual platform, it’s incredibly easy to see why creatives love the platform. Not only can you showcase your work, but you can build a community, too. 

Instagram is considered to be one of the best social media platforms for engagement. As a brand, you can connect with your followers and attract new customers. Despite how niche your creations may be. 

Of course, Instagram is also free. If you’re a small start-up, finding a way to market your business for free is crucial. 

Let’s look at the top techniques to use. 

1. Be active 

Yes, this might seem really simple, but it’s imperative for success. This expands way further than just posting on the platform – you need to be an active member of the platform. 

This means following other people and brands, liking and commenting on their posts, and mentioning customers in your posts. 

If you engage with other people’s posts, they will return the favor. It’s the way Instagram works. 

Of course, publishing regularly (but not too often) also helps to build up a following – thus increasing your customer base. 

2. Create a theme 

Use your Instagram as a branding tool. Don’t post random pictures just for the sake of posting. Stick to a “theme” and roll with it. 

If you enter a company’s Instagram, you’ll tend to find that all their pictures flow together. From the background to the colors used. 

As a creative business, opting to shoot all your creations on the same colored background is a great way to create consistency. 

Other theme ideas can be “clean,” “color wheel,” and “geometric.” Take a look at Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis’ Instagram page, and see if you can emulate the geometric style in the same way. 

With the theme, this obviously means that you should think about your logo, bio, and links. 

3. Use testimonials 

It’s hard not to be biased about your own business. Of course, you believe that your creative company is worth spending money on. However, your followers won’t just take your word for it. 

Many companies opt to post on Instagram, with a caption which shows just how much a customer loves their product. Just a simple quote and a mention. 

Others have posted videos from customers – this touched on UGC, which should be utilized with Instagram. 

4. Hashtags 

A great feature that Instagram has is hashtags. It’s arguably one of the easiest and quickest ways to bring in new followers and users to your page. 

Hashtags can be followed and tracked on the platform, too. This is a great way to showcase your creations to a broader audience. 

This technique only works if you use relevant hashtags. Sure, generic hashtags will gain you a few likes from bots, but they do nothing for the marketing side of your business. 

Using relevant, almost niche, hashtags are the way forward. For example, if you’re a candle maker, use the hashtag #handmadecandles. 

5. Don’t forget about quality 

Instagram currently has 1 billion monthly active users. Although this is great for you to reach people, it also makes it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. 

Though you might not reach Kim Kardashian status, you will absolutely be able to reach a large number of people if you consistently post high-quality images. 

If you begin to fall behind on quality, you will lose followers. Simple steps towards creating good lighting, and using a better camera can help with this. 

6. Make the most of stories

Instagram stories have become increasingly popular. Not to mention, the company’s with a large enough following can use a “swipe up” feature. This enables users to shop directly from stories. 

Many creative businesses use the stories space to share personal footage and to engage with their audience a little more. 

You can conduct polls and use a Q&A feature to connect with your followers. These are great techniques to engage with your audience, and also find out what they want to see from your site. 

7. Use videos

This technique might not be for everyone, and that’s fine. However, as a creative business, you obviously have a craft that people want to see. 

You can create timelapse photos of you creating your products or even walkthrough tutorials. 

People love seeing these types of videos – that’s why the arts and crafts videos on YouTube are so successful. 

“If you’re not comfortable making videos, nor do they upkeep your high-quality content, stay away from them. For the most part, videos gain more engagement and have the possibility of bringing in more attention.” — Jessica Hyde, Social Media Marketer at Grab My Essay.

8. Include behind the scenes footage 

People don’t like to be bombarded with products that they can buy. A general rule of thumb is to have 50% of your feed product-based, and the other 50% behind the scenes posts. 

This includes company milestones, information, and personal achievements. Your followers will love to see how your company is run. 

Lifestyle type posts, like #WhatsOnMyDesk, tend to do incredibly well. It adds a personal side to a business, that is hard to fault. 

Following on from our point about videos, you could also include behind the scenes footage in the form of a documentary-style video. 

9. Make the most of the shop option

Instagram has made everything a little easier for shops. They’ve made it possible for users to buy the product that they love. Before this feature, customers would have to search it themselves from the link in the bio. 

For this, you’ll need a business profile, and you’ll have to connect a product catalog with your business profile. 

For this, you will need a shop section on Facebook, a Shopify website or a BigComemrce platform. 

If you’re not in a position to have this option, you can also use a resource like like2buy. Forever21 uses this option – which allows people to shop from an e-commerce version of their Instagram page. 

A shop option on your Instagram isn’t just for IT enthusiasts. 

10. Giveaways 

As a creative business, you have something that people want. That’s why giveaways could benefit you and your business immensely. 

With a giveaway, though you might be giving free products away, you are increasing engagement and reaching new prospective customers. 

It’s simple, post the giveaway on your account, and wait for the results. The caption should be something along the lines of:

“How to enter:

Like this post and tag a friend. 

Must be following us, and make sure your DMs are open so we can message the winner. 

Results will be announced on Friday.”


At the very least, we hope that this post inspires you to open your business Instagram. If you find it difficult, you can try our instagram marketing plan and we can help you out to create a stunning profile. It’s easy to see why so many creative companies are using the platform to promote themselves. 

 Using these techniques will inevitably creation traffic to your profile, and ultimately your shop. You can track insights from your business profile, which will allow you to see how well your efforts are playing out. 

If you’re looking for new digital marketing techniques, Instagram could be the way forward.

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