SEO OR PPC Which is Best Option for Promoting the Site?

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Most of the People still have numerous questions about Which is better: SEO or PPC?


Explaining both SEO and PPC in nutshell:


Pay Per Click OR PPC:


As this word (PPC) tells that you have to pay for every click when a user clicks on the advertisement displaying on Search Results. It comes under a Paid marketing called PPC advertising programmes provided by Yahoo search marketing, Google AdWords, etc.


They help you in displaying advertisements in the results sponsored section of the results page of every search engine. Then, you will be asked to pay fees on the basis of how competitive the keywords you chose are, whenever the viewer clicks through from the advertisement to your website. One of the least known and least used styles of ads on Facebook is the app install ad. As you might imagine, the core focus of the ad is to get people to install your app.


Search Engine Optimization OR SEO:


Alternatively, you would be able to build traffic without paying any cost. It does not mean that it is free of cost 🙂 but you don’t need to pay directly to Paid advertisers like Google OR Yahoo. You only need to find SEO professional guy OR a top SEO services provider company who can help any website achieving the high ranks in natural searches. They will follow the best SEO practices to get your website displayed on the pages much more prominently and often. It might take some time for you to reach at the top of SERP ( Search Engine Result Page), and the traffic will be absolutely free and would probably prove to be worth the whole investment.




Offcourse, budget plays a major role in any type of services whether it is SEO, PPC or any other services. It depends on the budget and the needs. In case you wish for more traffic faster and if youre willing to shell out some money for it, then PPC may be the best thing for you. But, if you are operating on the shoestring budget, then it might make a lot more sense for investing time for chasing high search ranks through SEO.


Even though both the ways of fetching traffic are quite powerful, one of the methods builds the long-term success; whole other may be just a short term solution.


You should keep the below important things in mind:


1. More and more users trust the organic listings. The statistics from the SERPs behavior studies have shown that 77% of the search users select organic over the paid listings while searching, 67% select the organic search while purchasing.


2. As they all are paid advertisements, they are not that appealing. Exquisite article has stated that the organic results are approximately 8.5 times more likely to be user clicked on paid search result.


3. The SEO may provide the lasting visits. Its quite a viable long term solution.


4. Search Engine Optimization is quite cost efficient.


5. PPC is generally seen as a tool for advertising and it lacks trust by the avid online users.


6. Where PPC is the only visible solution on one of the search engines, SEO may be visible on various search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc.


7. SEO once did works well for you, unlike PPC that needs constant investment, testing and optimizing for keeping the performance up.


8. SEO is approximately 85% likely to get more traffic towards your website over PPC


9. SEO has a higher ROI than PPC


10. SEO helps in building a brand by mainly owning the very first page, backed by good and strong internet brand awareness as well as brand promotion.


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  1. Thats True & SEO plays very important role in organic traffic for any website. SEO also helps to give longterm result to any website. Thanks for sharing such a nice & informative blog.

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